Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mocha Banana Oats, and Foodie Book

I went to bed early last night and woke up feeling more well rested than usual. I am totally the kind of person that needs about 9 hours of sleep a night, and I need to make sure I am letting my body have that. It is just so hard to go to bed at night when there are books to be read, shows to be watched, food to be cooked, emails to be checked ...

I woke up this morning craving a nice bowl of mocha oats. I decided to add a banana for a potassium kick. (1/2 cup coffee, 1/2 cup chocolate milk, 1/2 cup quick oats, 1 banana):


Lunch was leftover mac and cheese, and orange, cheese, and an apple sauce:

I coached basketball after school then came home and microwaved some cabbage rolls that I made and froze a while back. Check out the recipe here.

The hubby and I went to Chapters/ Starbucks this evening for lattes.

And I can't go to chapters without buying a book ...

How fitting :-)

I seriously have a book buying problem! I have SO many that I have yet to read, and I still keep buying them. I know I should go to the library, but I just don't ... and a lot of the books I want are not at the library.

For a snack tonight I am having some edamame beans. Everyone at work eats these, and I saw them at Costco the other day for a good price. They are really high in protein, and so I thought I would give them a shot.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys ... the other night when I said I was going to watch Star Trek ... yeah, I definitely didn't. We put it on, and it looked uber boring so I did some marking instead :-)

Are you a fan of edamames?

Are you a book buyer or borrower?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE edamame. Just add a little bit of sea salt and you have the perfect snack!

misssarahlou said...

I LOVE edamame! Super delicious :) Hope you enjoyed them

Amber said...

That oatmeal looks SO good. I'm yet to try adding coffee to my oatmeal but I really should try it sometime.

I used to be a book buyer but this past summer I started borrowing books from the library instead! Saved me a ton of money :)

sophia said...

Well, at least you are helping the fledgling print industry. Hee. I am a book borrower. I'm a cheap-ass. ;-)

Devan said...

i totally saw that book in chapters yesterday!!!!
i thought of the blog world:P

lovin the oats!

and edaname :D

Anonymous said...

I use to visit my old town's library BIWEEKLY!! I loveddd books. Now I can't stop buying them either! I have like 10 I need to read. :P I need to step away from the tv/pc and get back to reading!

Anonymous said...

Mocha oats? mmm! Foodies and their oat creations cease to amaze me :)

I love books, too. I tend to be more of a borrower (library), but if it's food, recipe, or nutrition-related, I buy :)

Love edamamae!

Simply Life said...

oh looks like a great new book! And wow, those oats look incredible!

Anonymous said...

I am a reader. I go through books like crazy so when I moved out to Phoenix I decided I was going to become a library person and I LOVE it! I pick up books I wouldn't normally read because they are "free" and it doesn't hurt that all of the Phoenix public libraries are in LEED buildings! So cool!

Anais said...

Thanks for the recipe!!

I am totally a book buyer. I think that, like you, I have a problem :( I know I could borrow them from friends or even the library but I just like having my own, new, beautiful book :)

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

I love edemamae!! :) I love buying books too, but they are soo $$$ So the library works great too!! :) hehe :)

Have a great Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Edamame is awesome!

Unknown said...

Edemame is really nice heated up with sea salt. That is how they serve them in Japanese izakayas.

As for purchasing books - I'm not allowed to go to the book stores because like you, I cannot go without making a purchase. It's better for my budget to borrow.

Anonymous said...

Edamame are awesome! I love getting them when I go out for sushi. So good!
I'm a huge fan of mocha oats- yours look fantastic.

Kacy said...

It IS so hard to go to bed! My DVR is packed and my google reader is full!

That book looks great!