Monday, January 11, 2010

Fish Food and Fish

I ate fish food for breakfast.

I kid. I kid. It is just "Bran Buds." Hehe.

No, I am not 80.

No I don't have bowel problems.

I just felt like cereal this morning, and that is all we had in the cupboard!

I also had orange juice.

It was tough getting to work this morning on a cold Monday - but I made it and it wasn't so bad after all. I think it will be a good week :-)

I was lucky enough to have leftover pad Thai for lunch today. Mmmm, gotta love leftovers!

I also had yogurt topped with coconut and chia seeds. Everyone in the staffroom looked at my chia seeds strangely, and asked me about them.

I think they think I am weird.

They are catching on. *Note to self - Find a way to throw them off.*

After work I went to the local fresh fish shop and picked up some fresh pacific salmon. I made some sweet potato fries (tossed in egg, salt, pepper, and chili powder - baked about 30 minutes), and a Curry mustard mayo dip.

Curry Mustard Mayo Dip:
(Source - Friend Alaina :-)

- 2 parts mayo
- 1 part grainy mustard (or more to taste)
- splash of lime juice
- tsp curry powder

Do you like sweet potato fries? What do you dip them in?

I am a HUGE fan of dips and sauces, and condiments in general. I wouldn't want to eat any type of fries without a dip (gravy for regular fries, and many different dips for sweet potato fries).


Yelena said...

This looks really, really good! I love SP fries and dip them in organic ketchup and hot sauce! Your dip sounds fantastic and there is nothing better than fresh salmon!

Karin said...

Oh I could die for sweet potato fries!!! Ok maybe not but who doesn't like SPF? I love mine homemade and with some ketchup. Your dip sounds superbe though!
Ah pad thai.. An other weak spot of mine.

Suzi Storm said...

That curry mustard mayo dip sounds to die for!! I can't wait to try it. I'm a dip fanatic myself ;-)
I love sweet potatoes but I never make them for myself. This is something I definetly want to try more in the new year.
Thank you for all the wonderful idea's!!!!

Anonymous said...

that dip looks really good! I might have to copy! I usually bake my sweet potatoe fries in cinnamon and brown sugar so it has a bit of a taste already. I haven't made some in awhile though. :P

Alaina said...

One small note on the curried mayo/mustard dip: I usually add a bit of yellow mustard in addition to the grainy mustard. Also, I usually put some grated lime zest in to make it really zingy... Sooo good! p.s. Gotta give props to my Ma - this was actually her concoction.

Unknown said...

yummy!!! I like to dip mine in the sweet chili sauce!! Or mango chutney!

Kacy said...

Leftover pad thai is one of the best things to eat leftover. I love it so much! I definitely love sweet potato fries! Ketchup is what I most commonly dip them in, but I love dippers of all kind also!

Anonymous said...

That dip looks great! Pad thai is one of my very favorite "treat foods!" It's just so freaking good!

Anonymous said...

I love sweet potatoe fries, especially dipped in ketchup!

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

I only like sweet potato fries if theres a really good dip to go with them, so obviously I will have to try that dip out! Looks yummy!

Devan said...

i love sweet potatos!! dipped in bbq sauce, almond butter, or ketchup :)
fish food ;) yum every morning.

Simply Life said...

oh that pad thai looks great!

Katie ♥ said...

love bran buds!!!!! sometimes you just got to have some yummy fiberfull cereal!!!! Have a great night!!!!

Anais said...

I like sweet potatoe fries exactly like that (with a curry-type mayo dip!!). They are so delicious!!! There's a restaurant that I keep returning to JUST for their fries!!

Dione said...

I eat Bran Buds every morning (usually with Activia yogurt and a banana). Like William Shatner says, "Make fibre your friend!":) I've never had a problem since I've been eating it every day.

sophia said...

haha, now that you say it, it really does look kinda like fish food! eeewww! hee he hee!

I LOVe sweet potato fries, and I actually think the baked ones taste even better than the fried ones. Strange. I love to dip them in a mix of cottage cheese and salsa!

Anonymous said...

i love sweet potato fries, but i haven't done anything more creative than ketchup for 'em!