Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As you may or may not have noticed, I rarely eat sandwiches. I always pack a hot lunch for work, and only make sandwiches like grilled cheese when I am low on groceries. Well today I lived on the wild side a little ;-) and ate not one, but two sandwiches.

I am a rebel like that.

Before I get to that ...

Last night I had a lovely grapefruit with a single pack of Stevia sprinkled on top to make it a little sweet. I received the Stevia as a sample a while back, and this was my first time using the packets. I thought it was a perfect addition to the grapefruit.

I think I almost preferred the Stevia to sugar because it wasn't grainy. It has a sweet taste, and no gross aftertaste. It helped balance out the sourness of the grapefruit.

Breakfast this morning was a Green Monster (spinach, amazing grass, almond breeze, banana, almond butter).

Someone at work made little cinnamon rolls things, and I ate a tiny one at break.

For lunch I packed some bread and tuna (mixed with light mayo) to make a tuna sandwich.

I also had an orange:

And a glo-bar:

Someone at work asked me about the glo-bar. My meals are always so bizarre to everyone in the staffroom. Hehe. If they only knew about the green monsters!!

I coached basketball after work, and then came home and made sandwiches for dinner! My good friend Tricia and I used to always go to this little coffee shop to visit. We once tried a sandwich there called "The Cuban" and we fell in love with it. I made my husband try one too, and he also loved it. A year or so later the coffee shop stopped selling the sandwich, and I haven't seen one anywhere else since. I know that this is a "popular" kind of sandwich, but for some reason no one in my city sells them.

Cuban Sandwich

- 1 crusty bun
- couple slices of roasted pork (thickly sliced)
- couple slices of ham (thinly sliced)
- Swiss cheese
- pickles
- mayo

Warm up the sandwich (before you put the pickle and mayo on) for about 35 seconds.


I enjoyed it with a spinach, mushroom, and romano salad topped with a lemon poppy seed dressing.

And because yesterday's grapefruit was so good, I had another for dessert.

Along with a couple of these crackers and 1 piece of cheese.

Swiss cheese is NASTY when it is not melted. Blech.

Are you a big sandwich lover? What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

I need to step out of the box a little more when it comes to the sandwich department. I still have to try Jessica's peanut butter and bacon combination ... I am scurrrrred!


Anonymous said...

I love sandwiches!! But I go through phases of craving them. Cuban sandwiches are way too delicious! BTW I get annoyed when people judge my food..i'm like GO AWAY and eat your pizza!

Anonymous said...

my lunches are also so bizarre at work, but now that everyone is on their new year's resolution kick they've decided to hit my blog and a bunch of other ones I read and are like hey, this eating well stuff really works!

- Morgan

Simply Life said...

i rarely have sandwiches as well - I feel like even having a wrap in comparison is just more exciting :)

Karin said...

Hehe, until a few months ago I've never heard of Swiss cheese and I'm from Switzerland!! ;)

Mmm I love me some sandwich!

Low said...

I had two sandwiches yesterday too come to think of it!

Unknown said...

bhahahaha... YES you have to try that!! Baby steps, baby steps!! :)

I have a grapefruit in my fridge calling my name, maybe I need to test it out today!!

I LOVE sandwiches - jam packed with veggies especially sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and avocado!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

I LOVE sandwichs! Yum, yum, yum! They are probably my favourite thing to eat for lunch! And thanks for reminding me to add TUNA to my grocery list :)

Alaina said...

The only place I have ever seen a Cuban sandwich here is at the University at Common Ground (you know, the one where they sell Starbucks) and it is a baguette. It is good!

I know about the weird lunch stares: when I was doing the classroom portion of my masters I was on a cleanse and brought cold plain oats for lunch one day and adzuki beans with quinoa another. I became known for my weird food amongst the other students and profs. Meh...

Anonymous said...

I love sandwiches! I'm a huge fan of Italian hoagies. Those are my favorite!

misssarahlou said...

I just tried Stevia for the first time last week - I like it! I like the idea of it and I liked the taste too...compared to splenda I only need about half the quantity because I find that it 'tastes' sweeter.

I go through phases with sandwiches, I love them but get bored easily, probably because I eat the same one over and over for a while. Last time I had a real love for sammies was when I was eating sliced boiled egg with a little mayo, lettuce and beetroot - bizarre but yummy!

I saw that you just found my blog, I have been reading yours for a while but I guess I was just snooping and not commenting much, lol.

Travel Eat Love said...

I like when sandwiches are good and fresh and usually made by someone else! They always end up soggy when I make them for work. Good thinking packing ingredients separately!

Anonymous said...

I love peanut butter. A lot. So I've gotta say anything peanut butter! My favorites are pb, honey, and banana and the wacky choice is peanut butter and pickles (I SWEAR it's delicious!)

Lindsey @ Eat, Read, Run said...

Mmm - not sure how I feel about peanut butter and bacon. Let me know what you think on that. I loved Grapefruit with a bit of Stevia! Grapefruit it great, but sometimes a bit too tart for me and the stevia sweetens it up nicely. Love your blog!

Jocelyn said...

I love sammies :) I love toasted tuna melt sammies. SOooo yummy. I don't think I would be adventerous enough to try pb and bacon tho! eek!