Sunday, January 17, 2010

101 Years - A Celebration of Life

Yesterday the hubby and I drove 4 hours with my cousins to attend our Great-Grandma's funeral in Prince Albert. We were up early, and I made a quick smoothie to hold me over on the long drive.

I had a chocolate chip muffin on the drive. And then we didn't eat again until dinner (sandwiches in the hall after the ceremony).

The church we were in was the most beautiful church I have ever seen - it was a Ukrainian church, and most of the funeral was in Ukrainian. It was really nice. We visited with family and looked at old photos of my Great-Grandma.

This is my 84 year old Grandma:

And this is her Mom who just passed away at 101:


She had 3 children, 10 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and 9 great-great grandchildren.

Her oldest Grandson is 64 years old!
Her oldest Great Grandchild is 40!!!

Here is a picture from my Great-Grandma's 100th b-day. In the picture is my nephew Giovanni, with his mom (my sister), and his Great-Grandma, and Great-Great Grandma.

It is so cute how my grandma and her mom were old ladies together :-) Although, to be honest, my grandma doesn't seem that old!

We got home late last night, and were STARVING! I had a little salad with tomatoes and avocado, a slice of toast, and some cheese and crackers.

For breakfast this morning I whipped up some mini fritattas with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and swiss cheese.

I had mine with a slice of toast and some green tea.

We didn't really eat lunch, but the hubby and I split a poutine at Costco in the afternoon.

We had dinner at the hubby's parents ... roast beef, mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, and beans, with gravy of course:

I am going to grab a grapefruit (my new favorite snack) and watch Star Trek (YIKES) with the hubby. I have never seen a Star Trek episode/ movie in my entire life - but we have been told by a lot of people that the movie is really good. I will give it a chance.

I also have never seen a Star Wars movie. Nothing. Ever.

Is that weird?


Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

I think it's SO great that your great-grandma lived to be 101, wow!!

My great-grandma is 88 and though she was having some heart trouble this past year, I think she'll still be around for a few more years! All my friends always tell me how lucky I am to still have my great-grandma alive. It truly is a blessing :)

Kacy said...

Those mini frittatas look so delicious!!! Your Great Grandmother was an extraordinary woman!

Anonymous said...

You've never seen Star Wars?! Definitely weird. Your frittatas look delicious and it sounds like your great grandmothers celebration of life was wonderful. I can only hope I look as good as she did at 101! What an amazing woman!

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Nope, not weird at all.. I hadn't either until I saw the movie - it was pretty good!

Those egg thingies look yummy!!

Again, what an amazing life your g gma must have lived!! :)

Jocelyn said...

I hate star wars and star trek...Cannnn not stand it. SO i wish you luck! :D I bet the movies are good though!

your grandma/great grandma = cutest ever! I hope her celebration of life was amazing...

Looks like you got in some yummy meals as well :)

Karin said...

So sorry to hear about your great-grandma's passing. I hope your family is ok.

I've been a huge Star Wars fan and felt like "cheating" when I went and saw the newest Star Trek film. I haven't seen any episodes/films before either but I loved the new one.

Simply Life said...

wow congrats to your grandma's for living such full and long lives! Those fritattas look great!

Anonymous said...

i had never seen an episode of star trek or seen any of the SW movies either! or the godfather or rocky movies!! AHH. BTW your grandparents look amazing!!! Wanna hear something freaky? My bf wanted me to make those mini frittas today!

Anonymous said...

i've never seen any star wars either!

Alaina said...

Hope Star Trek was ok. I have unfortunately been subjected to more than my fair share of tv episodes since I once dated a Trekkie. Yeah - not for me...

Anais said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your great-grandmother.She looked so happy and healthy in the pictures :) Actually, your whole family looks that way!!

I really want to make those mini fritatas...but I never get around to actually making them :)

Anonymous said...

Your great grandmother lived to 101-that's simply awesome! I've seen parts of the star wars movies, and I can't stand them. Of course, that could be because my brothers love them and can repeat the movies word for word.