Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Birthday Boy

One of the things I admire most about my husband is his lack of wanting; he is always content, happy, and not in a constant pursuit of acquiring more.  He basically spends nothing on material objects, other than necessities.  The simple things in life make him happy, and he soaks up the joy of everyday moments that many seem to take for granted.

I have never in my life met someone who is more in the moment than he is; stopping to smell the flowers is not a cliche for him, he literally does it all the time.  He has also never experienced the feeling of boredom.  I love the calmness and peace that he radiates, creating a warmth and comfort that is so enjoyable to come home to every day. 

I am truly blessed and thankful to have this man as my husband.

The only objects he really ever acquires are those given to him as gifts, and I have no problem spoiling him (usually with music, sometimes clothes, books, and consumables).

When it came to choosing what he wanted for his birthday dinner today, I had offered to take him out for Indian, to order in Chinese or Thai - he could have picked anything the city has to offer ...

What does he choose?

Sandwiches.  Haha!

Actually, when Christopher was a kid and his wonderful parents let him choose any meal he wanted for his birthday, he often just asked for soup and sandwiches.

So, tonight we celebrated Christopher's birthday with sandwiches.  I got a variety of meats, some cheeses, and other toppings:

We had roasted veggies on the side:

He told me that every day feels "like [his] birthday," and he just wanted to stay in and spend time together, and snuggle with TV after dinner like we usually do.  Talk about melting my heart 😍

Happy 33rd birthday to the man of my dreams!  I can't wait to spend forever and ever with this man 💙

Safe to say, I'm a lucky lady.

Happy birthday Christopher!
I love you more than the whole wide world xo


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to Christopher. What a wonderful way to spend his birthday with him.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, I love this post! Happy belated birthday to Christopher! He reminds me of Phil in many ways because Phil does not want to acquire more possessions - if anything he wants us to continue to pare down what we have. We don't exchange gifts for birthdays and Christmas anymore because neither of us wants anything. Instead we celebrate birthdays by going on a trip or out to a dinner of our choice. For his birthday, he chose a local hole-in-the-wall Carribbean place. His meal cost like $11. Ha. But their curry is to die for! Or if we stay in to celebrate a birthday or valentine's day or something like that, he typically requests lentil enchiladas, which we both love.

I think the world could use more people like Christopher! People enjoy the here and now and aren't pining for some physical possession or wealth status!

Amber said...

This is such a sweet post! And what awesome attributes for Chris to have. We also rarely buy one another gifts for birthdays or Christmas anymore and tend to spend money on experiences instead. Glad you guys had such an amazing time celebrating and I really don't blame him for requesting sandwiches because those sandwiches look GOOD!