Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Saturday in Toronto

On Saturday we got up pretty early and headed down to Yonge Street.  We hadn't eaten breakfast yet, and were immediately drawn to the amazing BBQ smells coming from Yonge-Dundas Square.  We were lucky enough to happen upon the Rib Fest

Rib Fest consisted of award-winning BBQ in three different styles, Louisiana, New York, and Kentucky.

First up (and yes, for breakfast) were ribs from the Kentucky BBQ stand:


If all Kentucky BBQ tastes as good as these ribs did, we'll be heading to Kentucky one day!

Next up we shared a pulled pork sandwich, with some beans and coleslaw from the Louisiana stand:

We were full by this point, so we didn't try anything from the NY stand. 

After wandering a bit of Yonge Street, we moved along to other areas; Yonge street is full of big-box/chain stores, which really isn't our style. 

We eventually made our way over to Kensignton Market, which we loved.

In the afternoon we hung out by the pool at our hotel and relaxed.

Dinner was at Ramen Isshin, where we had the best bowl of ramen ever!  The spicy red miso soup is amazing.  I want to eat it every day.

In fact, I'm missing it right now.

We shared that, as well as the black sesame tan tan noodle:

After more wandering, we stumbled across a vegan bakery and grabbed a couple snacks to take back to the hotel room.

Was it a long weekend for you?  How did you spend it?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's awesome that you stumbled upon a bbq festival! I didn't even realize that places like NY and LA had their own style of bbq! I'm used to hearing about Kansas City and North Carolina. I wonder what makes each region unique.

Sounds like you guys had a great time exploring! The ramen looks and sounds so good!

It wasn't a long weekend for us but we have one this coming weekend. I didn't do too much last weekend but it was gorgeous here so I was outside quite a bit soaking up the sun!

Anonymous said...

Went to see my parents, as my sister's family was there from Regina. It was my nephew's birthday party, which was fun. We also planned a family trip to Disney World for the fall, which is exciting because I'm totally a Disney nerd.

Man, reading your blog when I'm hungry is maybe a bad idea :)

Amber said...

So excited to head to Toronto TOMORROW! I knew when you commented on my post saying you were just there that you would have so many amazing food recommendations and of course you do. I definitely want to go to Kensington Market, that's one place I went last time I was over there and loved it!!