Saturday, July 18, 2015

Menchies My Way & Giveaway (WINNER CHOSEN)

For so long there was no where to get frozen yogurt in Regina; then all of a sudden places started to spring up.  Menchie's is by far my favourite place to get froyo, as you've likely noticed in previous posts.  Christopher and I frequent our two, local Menchie's shops quite often, and whenever I spend time with my nephew, it seems we end up there.

When the people at Menchie's contacted me saying they wanted some of Canada's top media personalities (awww, shucks) to partner with them this summer as a Menchie's Ambassador, I jumped at the fantastic and tasty opportunity!

Who would say no to a summer of free froyo?  Not me.  You can get free froyo too, with the #MenchiesMyWay contest I'll get to below.

Today we went to our closest Menchie's at 3425 Quance Street in Regina (there is also a store at 1010 Pasqua Street) to make our mix!  The flavours offered are always changing as they have 150 flavours total.

Then there are the toppings!

The combination possibilities are endless.  That being said, I tend to be a creature of habit, and I almost always get the purely tart flavour.  But, when I saw that Menchie's had a new Oreo flavour, I decided to step out of my froyo comfort zone and try that; it was a great choice.

As a Menchie's Ambassador I have the tough job of creating my very own #MenchiesMyWay creation.

Behold ...

#MenchiesMyWay:  GOLDEN CRUNCH

My #MenchiesMyWay: GOLDEN CRUNCH creation has the delicious, not-too-sweet, new Oreo frozen yogurt, topped with cheesecake pieces, chocolate chips, toasted coconut, and boba balls.

Let's have a closer look ...

It totally hit the spot this afternoon.  I'm excited to go back and try different combinations all summer.

Menchie's Giveaway

You have a chance to win free Menchie's with a VIP pass good for seven Menchie's visits!  All you have to do is come up with your own fun Menchie's creation and share a picture and the name of your creation with us.  There are two ways to enter the contest, either through Twitter or Instagram, whichever you prefer.  It's easy!

Twitter Option:

- Follow @Menchies_CA on Twitter
- Tweet an image of your Menchie's creation with: "#MenchiesMyWay: "NAME OF CREATION" - @Menchies_CA @errdayfoodie"

Instagram Option:

- Follow @Menchies_Canada on Instagram
- Share an image of your creation with: "#MenchiesMyWay: "NAME OF CREATION" - @Menchies_Canada #everydayfoodiejolene"

Contest Details:

The contest is now over and the winner has been notified.

- You only have to choose one option, either Twitter or Instagram
- Contest is only open to Canadians
- The contest runs until August 31st, 2015
- The winner will be chosen by me, based on presentation and name of creation (you can enter numerous times if you visit Menchie's a lot)
- The winner will be mailed a VIP Summer Pass good for 7 complimentary visits to any Menchie's location in Canada

I'm looking forward to seeing what you lovely readers come up with!
What topping would be a "must" on your Menchie's creation?


Kelsey Ann said...

i love creative giveaways like this! right on! <3 xo

Amber said...

yum! I love Menchies as well and I agree the oreo flavour is really awesome - I had it a couple of weeks ago!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We do not have Menchies here in Minneapolis (to my knowledge) but we do have other self-serve fro-yo chains. I love going there as it's fun to try different flavors and different toppings. My must-have topping is Reese's peanut butter cups!

Beyond Blush said...

I love Menchies! Just tweeted you my entry :)

Menchies Rochdale said...

I saw your note on the board at Menchies Rochdale! Thanks for stopping in!!!!!