Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chinese Food - Michelin Star Style

On Wednesday evening in Vegas, we went out for dinner to Wing Lei.  This is the only Chinese restaurant in North America to ever be honoured with a Michelin Star ... and it is well deserved!

We didn't think there was any other option - we got the Peking duck tasting menu.

One of the numerous servers we had brought out an amouse bouche, which was ginger-infused watermelon.

Then came the duck!

They did some of the carving table-side, slicing off gorgeous pieces with crispy skin.  These were then used in our duck tacos, which were made with a sweet steamed-bun style dough.

These were out-of-control good.  They were the perfect blend of texture and flavour.  Sweet, and savoury, crispy, and soft.  Amazing.

The duck was then wheeled away and cut up to be used in the rest of our dishes.  The next dish was a phenomenal duck salad.

Then, more of our duck was used to make the broth and giant wonton in this gorgeous soup.

The wonton was perfection.  I could eat this soup all day.

Next was a duck noodle dish, and duck mixed vegetables.  I was getting pretty full by this point, so Christopher ate most of these plates, but they were both really good.

And because that wasn't enough food, they also brought out dessert.

And then a little bonus dessert.

We left stuffed, and very, very happy.  The Peking duck tasting menu was reasonable at $88 per person before taxes.

This tasting menu at Wing Lei is a must!

Have you ever had Peking duck?  Do you like duck?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! I love how they used one duck throughout the whole meal! I am glad you guys had a great experience there. I have not had Peking duck before but I have had duck a few times in France. I liked it one time but the other time I accidentally ordered duck liver which I did NOT care for!