Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Best in Chow: Pizza Wars

Today I had an exciting opportunity to be one of nine judges on Pizza Wars: Regina!  In fact, I also got to be the Super Streeter for the episode and do a little interview with the crew on Sunday afternoon.

Throughout the day today we visited three local restaurants, and tried three different pizzas.

Our first stop was at Bushwakker, where we enjoyed the pulled pork & apple pizza.  Apples on pizza!?  It works.  It totally works.

This pizza was a little bit spicy, and a little bit sweet.  It was perfectly cooked.  Check out that cheese!

Next up on our adventure, La Bodega.

We had the buffalo chicken pizza, which was a twist on the traditional pizza, with a quesadilla crust.  It was super cheesy, and the creamy buffalo sauce was a nice touch.  Mmmm, I also spot some cilantro on there!

Chris Nannarone, host of Pizza Wars, enjoying his slice:

Our final destination was Tumblers, for a full-on, manly pizza!

It was looooooaded.  The toppings included pepperoni, ham, salami, Canadian back bacon, pineapple, green peppers, mushrooms, garlic, an incredible sauce (their sauce is boss), and a three cheese blend.  Surprisingly, the crust stayed crispy, even when loaded up with so many scrumptious toppings.

Now this was a tasty day!  Thank you so much to the awesome crew of Best in Chow.  Who won Pizza Wars: Regina?  You'll have to tune in (sometime in September) to find out!  I'll keep ya'll posted.

Okay, I sort of want to eat more pizza now ...



Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You are officially famous now. ;) I look forward to seeing you on TV (I hope I get the channel it will be on!). I don't even really like pizza all that much but reading this post and seeing photos even has me craving a slice!

Anonymous said...

Good for you.
You just did what all foodies long to experience, be a food judge on t.v., how cool!
I hope I get to see the episode. Tell us when and where it will air!

Anonymous said...

I just caught this episode...Congrats to Tumblers! I will have to make a trip to Regina to try this pizza! Linda

plasterers bristol said...

This sounds divine, thanks for posting this.