Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Fashion Fun!

As my long time readers might know, in addition to food, I also love fashion.  Tonight in between making spiced nuts and trying to fix my car warmer and dresser drawer (ughh Ikea, you suck!), I put together a few outfits, choosing items that I would wear and combining them for complete looks.  I had a lot of fun and now I kind of really want all of these outfits (and a winning lotto ticket)!

Here are a couple casual looks I came up with:


First Outfit (To see a larger image of it, click here):

Owl Sweather - Pinterest - Not sure where to buy :-(
The Rolled Skinny OTTE - ($235 CAD)
Smoked Trench Check Cashmere Cape BURBERRY - ($1315 CAD)
Isabella Ballet Flats WITCHERY - ($105 CAD)
Bridle Leather Cross Body Bag BURBERRY - ($740 CAD)

Second Outfit (To see a larger image of it, click here):

Baddies Tank by KSUBI - ($79 CAD)
Sequin Print Wrap by TED BAKER - ($180  CAD)
Paige Denim 'Jimmy Jimmy Skinny' - ($325 CAD)
TOMS Cotton Loafer - ($88 CAD)
Aperture Pedro Black Slouch Beanie - ($17 CAD)

And a couple for a night out on the town with someone special:

First Outfit (To see a larger image of it, click here):

Red Cashmere Coat ETSY - ($125 CAD)
Contrast Side Detail Dress - ($230 CAD)
Gold Tone Black Rectangular Drop Earring - ($28 CAD)
Red RGB Nail Polish - ($16 CAD)
Yves Saint Laurent Pumps - ($785 CAD)
Jimmy Choo "Canisa" Gold Sequin Clutch - ($755 CAD)

Second Outfit (To see a larger image of it, click here):

Peplum Scuba Pencil Dress TOPSHOP - ($95 CAD)
Chanel Vintage Clip-On Earrings - ($550 CAD)
Chain Sphere Necklace - ($320 CAD)
Christian Louboutin Suede Pump - ($735 CAD)
Louis Vuitton Croc. Bag - (So expensive I couldn't even find a price :-( )

Which look is your favourite?
Do you like to put outfits together?


Ka cy said...

Cute! I love the peplum dress, but everything is cute!

Allysia said...

Ha ha, it was probably pretty fun assembling these! I like the second one, it's pretty adorbs, especially because of the beanie. Man, I haven't worn hats in forever! Although for some reason reading your clothes post reminded me of my hairdresser dyed my hair very dark brown and I was so mad at her! I was all, "do you know how damn hard it's going to be to make this pink NOW?" Ha ha!

Alli said...

Great outfits! So it's different then the one you posted, but here's a suggestion; I just got a great owl sweater at Gap Kids. I shop the larger sizes a lot at Gap Kids because I'm short, but this sweater is long so even if you're not a vertically challenged like me it should still work.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Everything is cute! I think I like the 3rd look best, mostly because of the red coat! I love to wear outfits that look put together, but I am actually horrible at putting outfits together!

Why am I here??? said...

holy snap...please tell me you'd never pay that much for a cape!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

@ Jennifer ... I wish I could, but it might be a lie ;-) I'd definitely consider it!