Saturday, February 18, 2012


It has been a long time since I experienced boredom.  I typically have so much on the go that I long for the experience of boredom.  Believe it or not, I am bored today.  Most of my friends are out of town.  I have no plans for the weekend, no TV shows to watch, no thesis work to do at the moment and a week of holidays ahead of me.  It is a strange, almost foreign feeling.  

It is so bizarre enjoying my morning oats and tea without any concept of what I will do for the rest of the day.

Luckily my friend Jessica at DairyFreeBetty tagged me to participate in a meme called 11 Things.  There were rules that went with it, but I have never been one for rules, so I will just answer the 11 questions she asked.

1) Why did you start blogging?

I needed a hobby, and it seemed like the logical choice.  I had been reading food blogs for a while and thought starting my own would give me a project aside from my schooling which seemed at the time to be consuming my life.

2) What is one food you could never live without?


3) What's your biggest fear?

Mediocrity.  And spiders.

4) What are three things that are always in your purse?

Wallet, keys, pens.  

5) What is your favourite flower?


6) What is your favourite ethnic food?


7) Who are three bloggers you would love to meet in person?

I have a loooong list, but 3 off the top of my head: Jessica, Diana and Ameena

8) What is something we would never know about you?

I have a love for world maps and globes.  I am obsessed.  I want an entire wall in my house to be a world map ... but a classy looking one, not like wallpaper.

9) If you could spend one month anywhere, where would it be?

New York.  I am a New Yorker at heart.

10) If you could name a nail polish colour, what colour would it be and what would you name it?

Apricot colour.  I would name it precocious.

11) What is a favourite recipe you have found one someone else's blog?


I now have 11 questions that I would like my readers to answer:
(This isn't what the rules told me to do, but the rules can go die). 

1) What are your plans for tonight?
2) What is your favourite perfume?
3) What is your middle name?
4) What has been your greatest personal accomplishment?
5) How would you describe your fashion sense in three words or less?
6) Furthest place from home you have traveled?
7) What is one song that brings a tear to your eye?
8) 3 things you would do if you were bored?
9) What is your favourite magazine?
10) What do you want to do when you retire, even if it is many, many years away?
11) How many children do you have or do you hope to have one day?


Kacy said...

Haha, I love how you said the rules can go die. I'm tagged too and will def not be following the rules. I'll answer your questions though, you know, to help with your boredom :)
1) What are your plans for tonight?
Work a few more hours and then go eat Mexican with my bf's brother and his wife to celebrate some things. We were going to go out after, but I have to cut it short because of work :(
2) What is your favourite perfume?
Vera Wang, just the regular version.
3) What is your middle name?
4) What has been your greatest personal accomplishment?
Moving away from home. I never thought I would do it.
5) How would you describe your fashion sense in three words or less?
I'm not that fashionable, but I love clothes. My style is a mix of classic and romantic, with a hint of punk :)
6) Furthest place from home you have traveled?
Hawaii I think. Still the U.S., but it's quite far away.
7) What is one song that brings a tear to your eye?
Do You Realize?? By the Flaming Lips
8) 3 things you would do if you were bored?
Start a new book, organize something, drink wine :)
9) What is your favourite magazine?
I still enjoy reading Cosmo. I really like the sex articles, what can I say?
10) What do you want to do when you retire, even if it is many, many years away?
Travel a lot. Hopefully write a lot as well.
11) How many children do you have or do you hope to have one day?
I don't plan to have children.

Joss said...

aww I'm sorry you are bored :( I kinda know how u feel - this year has been all go go go go...and now it's reading week (even though I have a few projects I could work on to get out of the way) I don't really have to do them right now. I guess I will just be lazy :D

Alanna @ Blood, Sweat & Cupcakes said...

I too am bored this weekend, time to answer some questions!
1- Nothing much, quite night at home.
2- Lacoste - Touch of Pink
3- Julia
4- My two university degrees
5- vintage, edgy, indie
6- Italy, must go back, must!
7- Running for Home - Matthew Good Band. It's an oldie but it holds a very special place in my heart.
8- run, bake, read
9- Gourmet Magazine
10- Travel, move out of the city.
11- Not sure about children yet, maybe someday.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Isn't it luxurious to actually feel bored? It's kind of nice, especially after you've had so many busy months! here are my answers!

1. I made 2 new recipes and now i am catching up no HIMYM.
2. Stella
3. Anne
4. Toss up between passing level I of the CFA and finishing a marathon.
5. Classic.
6. Australia
7. Shoot the Moon by Nora Jones tends to bring a tear. It reminds me of a time when I realized that I had to end a relationship...
8. Knit, read, watch old SATC epidsodes
9. Runner's World
10. I want to relax and live close to the water - most likely a lake in Minnesota!
11. I thought I would like to have 4... but I am 31 and single... so I am hoping for 1 or 2 now!!

It was fun to learn more about you!!

Sweet and Savory Eats said...

1. Nothing - maybe watch the movie Bridesmaids?
2. anything "clean" smelling
3. Suzanne
4. My kids
5. Ubber casual when home with kids - clean, business look when working
6. Europe
7. I can't make you love me -Bonnie Raitt
8. Read, watch TV, cook
9. Taste of Home
10. Live in a log cabin on a lake:)
11. We have 2, but would like 3

Allysia said...

Boredom, how foreign!!

Mediocrity=terrifying, I totally get that. I love your list...the map thing is funny!

1) Tonight I get to jam with my band!
2) I don't wear perfume. Ever.
3) Middle name=Marie!
4) Greatest personal accomplishment so far is definitely recording this album, it's the most intense, challenging and fun thing I've ever done!
5) Fashion sense=chill punky grunge.
6) California!
7) There's a lot of moody songs I love, but Breathe Me by Sia is definitely up there!
8) If I'm bored I read a book, sing/play piano/write music, or call up my friends.
9) VegNews!
10) I'm not gonna retire. :) But I will travel the world!
11) Complicated question...let's go with 2.

Anne Marie said...

My favorite perfume is burberry brit. I'm addicted to the stuff!

DessertForTwo said...

The boredom that comes with finishing your coursework & thesis is crazy. It's the reason I started a blog. In school, everything is very goal-oriented. You work hard, you get rewarded. In the workplace, eh, you do your job everyday and go home. I needed GOALS. So I started blogging. Goals were getting photos accepted to Tastespotting, etc. increase hits, etc. It has made me so happy!

Vanessa said...

"But the rules can go die." Haha! =)

I'll answer these questions in a post this week!

Emily said...

Fun! I like the color of your made up nail polish.

I agree about New York! A month in NY would be amazing.

Kris | said...

I love love LOVE getting to know you more through these questions!! You're your house ;)

I can't wait to go to New York!! I've never been!!


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Love this!! I'd love to meet you too! You are my oldest blog buddy!! :)

I LOVE your nail polish color and name! awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, we need to meet each other soon. I am sad you will be back in NYC before me...maybe we can coordinate a trip one day or go to Foodbuzz this year together? Can't believe we've been reading each other for a few years!!