Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Ten on Tuesday

1)  We tried a new pasta recipe recently - Creamy Chicken Pasta with Bacon.  It was quick, easy, and quite good.  It also reheated well.

Tonight we're testing out this one.  I guess all the cool, rainy weather we've been getting has us craving heartier dishes.

2)  Our weekend was full of activity!  On Friday night we went to a potato chip and wine pairing with Christopher's parents.  Then it was our friend Jocelyn's birthday on Saturday, so she had a bunch of people over for an epic pizza party.

On Sunday we cheered for our nephew Giovanni's football team.

They won! 

3)  If you haven't watched NOVA: Thai Cave Rescue on Netflix, I highly recommend it.  It is so intense.  I remember following this story in the news, but to actually see the rescue - wow!  Actually, all of the NOVA documentaries on Netflix are solid five stars.

4)  We have been using the smoker a lot!  Smoked salmon and tofu

Christopher made a stir fry with the tofu.

5)  On Sunday we fired up the smoker again and made a big batch of jerk chicken.

It was so good with coconut rice and baked beans.

6)  If you haven't been to The M:EATING Room in town, you've got to try it out.  They have such fresh, healthy and flavourful food, with so many options.  While out running errands last week, we ate a quick meal there.

7)  Breakfast for dinner last week:

We don't often eat breakfast foods later in the day, but it's a nice change the odd time.

8)  It was raining yesterday morning and basically hasn't stopped since.  Last night we wanted a real comforting dinner, so we had pork cutlets with apple sauce, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn.

This meal reminds both of us of our childhood.

9)  Dessert was mocha mousse pie.  This is my second time making this pie because it was so darn addictive the first time.

After this picture was taken, I topped it with a coffee flavoured whipped cream.  Swoooooon.

10)  Some days we come home from work and spend hours in the kitchen cooking.  Last Wednesday was definitely not one of those days.

We boiled weiners and called it a day #wiped.

Have you tried a new recipe lately?  How was it? 
We're done all of our shows on Netflix.  Any recommendations?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

A new recipe I made recently was a sausage and tomato risotto. It was really good! Definitely something we'll add to our dinner rotation.

Thanks for the Netflix suggestion! Phil and I have a hard time coming up with things to watch since our tastes are so different. SO we are always looking for new documentaries. We started watching the Ken Burns documentary series about the Vietnam war last night because there is so little I know/understand about that war. Not exactly 'light' viewing material but at least it's something we are both curious about!