Saturday, September 28, 2019


The past two Friday we've watched our nephew play football, and last night we really had to bundle up!  Fall is here, and it's coming in strong.

It's supposed to snow a lot this weekend, but we're hoping it doesn't stick around.  I am not ready for that after the ridiculously cold winter we just had.

There are a few leaves on the ground, but most trees are still pretty green.

We've covered up the air conditioning, turned on the furnace, blown out the sprinkler lines, and put our hot pepper plants in the garage to shelter them from the cold overnight temps.

Christopher is really wanting more peppers to show up on these plants, but we might be running out of time.

The cooler weather has us craving heartier dishes, like this delicious meal of spiced beef patties, couscous, and yogurt sauce:

You can find the recipe here.

I guess it's time to start busting out the pumpkin recipes, and I'll probably start with this one.  I promised I'd bring my mom a couple slices the next time we go to Saskatoon.

If you grew any veggies, have you harvested all of them?  Is it feeling like Fall where you are?  Are there any cooler weather recipes you're looking forward to making this Fall?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope you didn't get snow but if you did, I hope it melted fast. it's way too early for the white stuff. I just dread winter so so much! And we don't get it quite as badly as you guys do! We are having a weird weather day here as it's going to be in the 80s and it's SUPER humid. It's pretty gross out and it's odd because yesterday was rainy and cool and then - bam - awful humidity! So odd.

I need to take my garden out soon as it's definitely the end of the season. I had a good crop of tomatoes but didn't can anything this year so I ended up giving away some as I am the only tomato eater in my house! We also had a good crop of green/red peppers, jalapenos and eggplant. I won't plant eggplant next year as i had a hard time finding dishes to make with it that I liked/weren't too labor-intensive.