Monday, September 3, 2018

Labour Day Long Weekend

Other than Saturday, we had no plans this weekend, and we were very much looking forward to that.  Breakfast on Saturday morning was bacon, toast, and sunny-side-up eggs.

On Saturday afternoon we went to our friends' Chris and Cori's house for their son's first birthday.  Then we left that party to go to our niece Charlotte's fourth birthday party.

We visited with family and ate pizza:

Our two nieces had a great time playing together and were fun to watch.  It's amazing how much energy little ones have.

Later in the evening we went back to Chris and Cori's house as they were still hanging out there with some of our other friends, and a few of the kids were still up.  We played a bit until the kids went to bed, and then visited until past midnight.

Skillets for breakfast on Sunday morning:

Then a shared snacky lunch in the afternoon:

For dinner we made pulled pork sandwiches.  I made the buns and the BBQ sauce from scratch, as well as a garlic aioli to top the sandwiches.

On the side we had jerked eggplant skewers (looks like meat, but nope!):

We started this morning out with bacon, scrambled eggs, and truffled potatoes.  It has been quite cool in the mornings lately, but it was really nice out this afternoon, so we spent some time on the patio.

Dinner this evening was a bit of this turkey:

We weren't too hungry, so we just picked at it, and ate a couple pieces of roasted potato that were nuzzled in around it.

The turkey will be good in sandwiches for the next couple days of lunches (with the homemade buns), and tomorrow evening we'll make some sides for a hot turkey dinner.

How was your long weekend?  What did you do?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like a fun and mostly relaxing long weekend! You have so many little ones in your life!! We had a quiet Labor Day weekend. We weee supposed to go to the lake to see my parents but stayed home since Paul was sick. Phil got some projects done around the house and we did some organizing/purging which felt really good. We got together with friends on Sunday night for pizza which was fun. There were 5 kids ages 3 and under so it was a little loud and chaotic but all in all fun!