Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dinner at the Parents'

On Monday evening Christopher's parents had us over to celebrate our birthdays.  They spoiled us with an amazing dinner, and presents.

The meal started out with my mother-in-law's spanakopita.

It was so flavourful, flaky, and mouth watering.  She sent us home with some of the leftovers, and it made a wonderful lunch for work.

For the main course we had stuffed salmon, which was excellent, asparagus, corn, bread, and Florentine rice with lemon-yogurt sauce.

Everything was super tasty, and I especially loved the rice dish.  I am a sucker for sauces, so anything with a sauce to pour over it, or a dip, is usually my favourite. 

For dessert Christopher's mom served homemade, peanut butter ice cream, along with an apple pie.

Wowzers!  The ice cream texture and consistency were perfect, and it paired really well with the pie.  I suppose I've put peanut butter on apple slices before, so I should have known PB ice cream would taste great with apple pie.

This was a really nice way to start out the work week.

And tonight my dad is taking us out for dinner!  We are feeling pretty fortunate this week.

How is your week going?  Any plans for the weekend coming up?
Do you like PB ice cream?  Have you ever made ice cream yourself?

I only made ice cream as a kid, in this strange bucket thing that I got as a gift (it was all over the Saturday morning toy commercials).  The ice cream was hard as a rock, so I think I made it all of two times before giving up.  My mother-in-law's was way better, and didn't require a silly, gimmicky toy.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that birthday meal looked awesome! I can see where Christopher got his cooking skills from! That peanut butter ice cream sounds amazing. I wouldn't have thought to pair it with apple pie but I also love pb on apples so it makes total sense. I LOVE pb so I would love that ice cream. My favorite ice cream is moose tracks - I love the pb cups and the caramel and fudge in the ice cream. It's definitely a rich ice cream but so good!

When I was growing up we always made homemade ice cream on Christmas Eve. My parents had this very old ice cream maker that you packed with snow and salt. It was so good! These days my mom makes ice cream all the time in her ice cream maker. She is always coming up with different kinds to make! One of my favorites is rhubarb!