Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Start of the Week

Yesterday morning I was up and out of the house very early.  By 9:00 I had already gone to the dentist and bought groceries.  I had breakfast and then met up with my friend Alaina, and her new baby, for coffee and a walk around the lake. 

Lunch was leftover shrimp curry that we had made on Sunday evening. 

In the afternoon I made a fruit pizza (shortbread-style crust, cream cheese topping, fruit, and a glaze), as it's one of Christopher's favourites.

He's pretty excited to have this as his dessert for the week.

Yesterday evening we went and met our friends' Donny & Edith's new baby; he's a sweetie (as you might have figured out, we're in that stage of life where everyone is having babies)!

When we got home from our visit, we made some fish tacos for dinner.

Are most (all) of your friends having babies these days, or are you not there yet/past that stage?  How's your week going so far?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Most of my college friends are done having babies and many have kids starting or already in school, which is crazy. But Phil's friends just started to have kids in the last 1.5 years. It's interesting that Phil and I are only 6 months apart but our friends are in such different stages of life!

That fruit pizza looks awesome!

This week was busy for me as flew to Chicago on Wednesday for work and come home tonight. I'm kind of exhausted!