Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer Holidays!

It has been a bit hectic around here, as work was winding down for me (summer holidays - yay)!  Last weekend we had some family over for a visit, and enjoyed a couple snacks while we caught up.

Throughout the week we ate dak galbi:

Sausages, potatoes and salad:


And a pizza:

Thursday was my last day of work for two months!  That evening we BBQd pork chops and potatoes before getting together with pals.

Yesterday was Canada Day, and we celebrated in the morning with festive lattes, and a nice, hearty breakfast.

Check out those maple leaf sprinkles - fun!

We went to Christopher's parents for a little visit in the afternoon, and then later in the day cooked up a Canadian classic, poutine

We made homemade fries, and topped our poutine with cheese curds, Montreal smoked meat, and gravy.  It was amazing in every way.  We plan on making another one very soon.

In the evening we watched the Canada Day fireworks from our front step, snuggled up and sippin' bevvies; it was perfect.

The rest of the weekend we have fun plans to celebrate summer & life. 

What are you up to this weekend?  If you're Canadian, how did you celebrate Canada day?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy belated Canada Day. I think a lot of us Americans are wishing we were Canadian these days. ;)

Hooray for being done with work for 2 months - that must be the best feeling! I took next week off from work so am enjoying the feeling of knowing I have the next week to do whatever I want!

We are hosting a BBQ today and have 13 people coming so I have been busy cleaning house and prepping for it! We are having burgers, brats, potato salad, chips & black bean/corn salsa, carmalita bars (oatmeal, caramel and chocolate - delicious), white wine sangria and beer. Plus whatever people bring as we asked our guests to bring a side or dessert to share. I can't wait to host!! Tomorrow is the 4th but we don't have any plans. I think Phil will golf and I will read in the backyard in a lawn chair and in the evening we'll find a fireworks show to watch.