Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1)  Happy belated 4th to my American readers!  I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.  It's awesome that with Canada day and Independence day, we both got a long weekend this year - it doesn't always work out that way.  The rest of our long weekend included nice, leisurely breakfasts each day:

2)  On Saturday evening we BBQd chicken, veggies, and sweet potato:

3)  We did a lot of snacking on the weekend:

4)  We tried a new beverage ...

It was bland, but not bad.  

5)  Dinner on Sunday evening was a big lamb steak, sliced thin, topped with blue cheese for Christopher and goat cheese for me.  We had potatoes on the side. 

6)  I made up a noodle dish to put in the fridge for lunches for the next couple days, and a dessert for the week too.

7)  I didn't even sleep in on my first official day of holidays on Monday.  I was up bright and early, and got started on a quiche for breakfast with some fresh herbs we've been growing.

Speaking of herbs, our cilantro is starting to come in nicely.

8)  In the evening we snacked, while cooking a chicken on the BBQ.

9)  This morning I spent some time with my nephew, tossing a football around, and playing a bit of soccer in the yard before we went out for a little family lunch (thanks dad!).

After lunch my sister, the little guy and I went for a walk and soaked up some of the gorgeous sunshine.
10)  Tonight's dinner was a pizza with Alfredo sauce, bacon, some of the chicken we cooked last night, corn, black olives and red onion.

It was one of the best combinations of pizza toppings we've ever had.

How's your week going so far? 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I tried to grow cilantro 2 weeks ago and it went to seed pretty much right away, so let me know if you have any tricks to growing it. It might just be too hot here for it in the summer as I've heard it likes cooler temps. I tried asking a guy at the farmer's market for tips on Sunday but you'd think I was asking for a state secret or something because he was not really willing to give me any suggestions! So weird!

I am off this week so that's been great! We had a low key 4th of July and then yesterday I biked, went to PT, went to see a friend's new place, and then went to the Adele concert which was AMAZING. That girl can sing!! Today I am heading to the lake for the rest of the week and Phil is coming up on Friday. I can't wait! The weather forecast isn't looking great but it will still be great to spend time with family!

Amber said...

Oh man I have to kind of quickly scan your posts while I'm doing Whole30 because all of your food always looks SO AMAZINGLY GOOD. You guys should open a restaurant, seriously!