Saturday, May 30, 2015

When you neglect to get groceries ...

Last weekend we thought about getting groceries ... but then we ended up lounging around the house watching trash TV #priorities.  

Note to self ...

When you neglect to get groceries for the week, things happen.

1)  You really want grapefruit juice in the morning, but then are really sad when water doesn't taste like grapefruit juice.

2)  Your husband uses whipping cream in his coffee (and secretly loves it).

3)  You end up eating out at three restaurants during the week, each with astronomical bills, and then are annoyed that the food is not worth the money spent on it.

4)  You consider having a single potato for breakfast. 

5)  You end up eating junk for dinner.

6)  But you also share a salad, because somehow that negates the junk. 

7)  Your logic gets completely skewed.

Good thing we're getting groceries today; I don't know who we are anymore!

What are you up to this weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, if I hadn't already made time to get groceries today, reading this post would have really encouraged me to go! I hate shopping during the week but I was gone Fri-Sun for a quick hiking trip to Colorado so I HAD to go tonight or I would have had nothing to eat during the week. And eating old gets real fast, especially since I ate out one meal/day in Colorado so am already a bit burned out from eating out!

Laura @ Bit by Bit said...

Potato for breakfast sounds delicious, ha ha! I hate when I don't buy groceries… totally gets my week off to a terrible start.