Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween and Things

On Wednesday, we were going to take my dad out to Bushwakker, but Christopher had a meeting at work, so it was just me and my dad.  We both ordered pizza, and we had a great visit.

I had the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Thursday's dinner was homemade perogies.

Don't worry, I didn't eat all that!  We shared the giant plateful.  

Halloween was fun!  For dinner, it's our tradition to order Pizza Hut pizza (the only time a year we order from Pizza Hut), and drink a bit of pop (pretty much the only time of year we drink pop).

We only got nine trick-or-treaters, and then headed to our pal Shauna's place for a little gathering.  Christopher dressed as a skeleton and I was a Freudian slip

From the weather, you'd never guess today was November 1st.  It's gorgeous outside!  We hit 11 C already!  We made a nice breakfast, got groceries, and then Christopher raked a bit, while I did some reading for my class #vomit.

Today starts our no-spend November!  Besides one road trip to Saskatoon, one evening out for a stag/stagette, and one concert tomorrow evening, we plan to stay in all month.  We really want full weekends without leaving the house, where we can cook, visit, and watch movies, but it seems something always comes up.  There are always social events, etc., to go to, but this month, we're saying "no".  We'll see how much money we save not going anywhere or doing anything big this month ... then we'll blow it all in Vegas at Christmas!! 

Do you ever have a hibernation week?   Month?
Did you dress up for Halloween?  What were you?


Amber said...

Those perogies look SOOO good!

I am trying to really open up my schedule in November too. I've only had ONE hibernation weekend in all of September and October and those are my favourite kind of weekends in the fall. I really need more of them. This weekend has kind of been one but then we're gone all day tomorrow for a race.

Ameena said...

What a cute Halloween outfit! I hope you enjoyed the weather.

And Vegas in December? You are going to have the best time. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your Halloween costume is so clever and awesome!

I am really trying to not spend much this month as well and I also want to accept way fewer plans. I am bad at saying yes to things, though, so I think one week I am going to make a strict "no plans" week. I'd like to minimize our meals out as I ate out so much in October due to all the visitors I had. So far this weekend I've made a soup and am making a lentil curry dish so I should be set up for the week and won't need to eat any lunches out!