Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recent Eats

So, we're sort of obsessed with beer butt chicken.

There is nothing quite like sitting out in the backyard all afternoon, sipping bevvies, visiting, laughing, and smelling the glorious smell of chicken cooking very slowly on the BBQ.

We put it on a can of beer, and cooked it on indirect, low heat for a good three hours (until a safe temperature on a digital thermometer).  If you throw some veggies in the pan, the chicken juices make them extra delicious.

Also, you get the most crispy skin around.

And the most moist chicken ever.

Another dinner this past week was rainbow trout with a giant salad.

And the kind people at House Foods America sent me coupons to try Shirataki noodles free of charge. 

These noodles are made of tofu, and are a perfect pasta alternative for gluten-free diets.  They had an unpleasant smell upon opening them (this is normal), but they just needed a good rinse.  We cooked them according to the package instructions.  They were easy to make, and we were surprised by their nice, noodle texture.  They reminded us of ramen

We spiced them up with Indian spices, and they made a nice lunch.

What have you been cooking lately?  
How's your weekend going so far?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I will have to try those noodles as I am always looking for a good GF alternative. It's good to know that the smell goes away after rinsing them well!

Beer can chicken is SO good. I only had it once this summer so I didn't eat it nearly often enough!

My weekend has been busy, but good. Yesterday was a little bit too packed but today is quieter which is good!