Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1)  Sometimes we need quick and easy dinners, so we decided to try these soups from the grocery store deli.  The chicken noodle one was pretty boring - very similar to average canned soup.

We haven't tried the Thai chicken one yet.

2)  We bought shimeji mushrooms the other day ... mostly because they look cool.

Warning: These are not good raw.  Just tried one.  Barf.  Anyway, they are good cooked.

3)  We can't stop thinking about the Laotian salad we had the other day.  You really do need to make this.

4)  This chicken ranch pizza from Vern's was pretty good:

5)  We're headed to the library this evening to see a movie.  We went last week to see Before Sunrise, tonight we'll see Before Sunset, and then next week, Before Midnight Have you seen this series?

6)  One of our breakfasts on the weekend was lemon loaf from the farmer's market, with apricot, pomegranate, and Greek yogurt with toppings.

7)  Why is goat cheese so good? 

It's been our after-work snack as of late.

8)  33 Pictures that will make you proud to a human being again.  These made me smile.

9)  We made lattes at home on the weekend, and they were awesome!  We used espresso, unsweetened almond milk and vanilla stevia.

10)  We had our lattes with breakfast skillets which included potatoes, summer sausage, green onions, mushrooms, tomato, herbs, and egg.  We grated some parmesan cheese on top.

What are your Tuesday things?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I LOVE the movies Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight! I liked the first 2 the best, the last one was a little bit more dark but still good. I hope you are liking them! That is cool that your library plays movies!

My Tuesday was spent going to a softball game and then hanging out with Phil on his patio because the weather was absolutely perfect!