Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1)  One of our recent dinners was salad, roasted beets, a plate of fruit and juiced fruits and veggies.  We threw a couple of radishes in with the beets to see if they would be good roasted, and we discovered ... they are!

2)  A few days ago we tried cooking polenta for the first time.  We fried it up in an Italian spice seasoned olive oil, and then topped with with marinara sauce and fresh parmesan. 

3)  We had another Italian-style dinner last night - chicken parmesan with some zucchini and mashed rutabaga.  I love rutabaga.

4)  Sometimes McCain does the trick.  Hadn't had one of these in years, but we bought one last week.

5)  We made buttermilk pancakes on the weekend.  Mmmmmm!

6)  It has been so beautiful outside for about two weeks now.  Could spring really be here? 

7)  We were having bee bim bop the other day and the kimchi in the fridge had gone bad :-(  We were both very sad.  How did we allow this to happen!?  Not. Eating. Enough. Kimchi.  Never thought that would be a problem in our home.

8)  I think my new favourite way to eat eggs is soft-poached.  So creamy.

9)  Kale has been rated the healthiest vegetable in the world.  Does adding kale to my Tuna Helper make Tuna Helper healthy?  Because I may or may not have done that for dinner today.  Ummm, I also drank a good bunch of it in my smoothie yesterday.  Try this recipe for flawless kale chips on Angela's site ... her cookbook just came out - eeeeeeeeeeeee!  Rambling.

10)  Breakfast this morning was Greek yogurt with toppings and toasted soda bread:

What are some of your Tuesday things?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never tried polenta but I should because it is gluten free! I have seen it in the grocery store but have never tried it so maybe I will after seeing your food pics.

My Tuesday things are that it has turned colder here which is annoying. I am tired of my winter coat and hat, etc. But it will warm up this weekend - but then get colder again. Le sigh. (well cold for NC, not your kind of cold).

Alaina said...

How can you tell kimchi has gone bad? It always tastes bad! ; )