Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Things

1)  Last Friday we went out for dinner for my work Christmas party, and we ate a pretty greasy appetizer platter:

The lobster fritters and taco bites were really good, but the butter chicken poutine wasn't great.

This was way more than an appetizer, and we probably shouldn't have ordered meals as well.  When my beef dip and soup came out I was already pretty full.

The beef dip was also fantastic, but I took most of my meal home, and felt painfully full for the rest of the evening.  I didn't really eat the soup because it was narrrrsty.  This meal was at Birmingham's.

2)  Home Alone is one of my all-time favourite movies.  Sunday was our "Christmasy" day (where we eat snacky foods and watch Christmas movies all day),  and we watched Home Alone 1 and 2, as well as some Christmas TV specials.  We still have a bunch on our list to watch before the 25th.

3)  My dad took Christopher and I out for supper to Red Lobster on Monday.  After the rich dining on Friday, I was not feeling heavy food and stuck to salmon with a baked potato and broccoli.

4)  Speaking of rich dining ... Christopher introduced me to the way he used to eat Pizza Pops as a kid.  He would microwave them, then open them up and put some more cheese inside, then microwave them a little longer.  We just shared this one for lunch a while back:

5)  Dinner today consisted exclusively of raw veggiesI felt the need to share that after posting the photo above, ha ha!  We're Libras ... it's all about balance.

6)  Another dinner from this week was baked tofu and salad:

7)  I'm pretty excited that tomorrow is Friday!  It's my last day of work before Christmas, I get a pay raise tomorrow (I'm on year 9 of an 11 year increment scale at work), and we have a nice little weekend planned.

What are your Thursday things?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hooray for getting a raise! That's wonderful! :)

I have been traveling so much lately so that means eating heavier foods a lot of the time, so I offset that by eating salads an steamed veggies this week!

My Thursday thing was that I packed last night for my 6 day trip home! :)

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

yahoo for a raise and last day of school! There was a snow day here so everyone got off a day early!!!