Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Experience Regina

Regina is the capital city of the Saskatchewan, a prairie province near the middle of  Canada.  It's not the biggest tourist city ...actually, it's not even a very big city, but it does have a lot of heart.  If you want to see the prairies, you can't beat Saskatchewan.

1)  Shopping: 

Regina's shopping is all about hidden gems.  There are a few shopping malls that have the usual retail places, however the best shops are the little boutiques and locally owned stores in and around downtown.  13th Avenue is the best walking street in town, and you'll find great clothing shops such as Uforia and Muse.  You can also stop at an old school candy and ice cream shop called Dessart.  Just down the street on Albert is Coda Clothing, which sells quality, trendy pieces.  If you're downtown check out Scarth Street Mall, then grab a coffee from Atlantis.  There is also good shopping in the east end of Regina, and in Harbour Landing in the south.

2)  Transportation:

It's very easy to get around Regina, and nothing is too far.  The city is small enough that you can reach most destinations in under 20 minutes.  The public transportation is not overly convenient for tourists, so your best bet is to rent a car.  If you visit Regina in the winter, be prepared for frigid temperatures and icy/snowy winter driving.  Regina is not known for being a walking city, although you should walk around Wascana Lake, and wander around downtown during the day. 

3)  Hotels:

Regina has many hotels, but I'd recommend staying downtown.  The best hotels downtown are the DoubleTree by Hilton, and the historic, Hotel Saskatchewan.

4)  Food:

Saskatchewan is a meat and potato province, and you'll find a lot of steakhouses in Regina, many of them quite generic.  The best dining places are not overly fancy, but they do have quality, fresh food.  These are some of my favourites:

Indian - Bombay
Vegetarian - 13th Avenue Coffee House and Food
Thai - Siam
Chinese - Peking House
Pub Food - Bushwakker
Mediterranean -  Regina Kebab House
Breakfast - Fireside Bistro
Upscale - Creek in Cathedral Bistro
Korean - Korea House
Japanese - Sake

5)  Saskatchewan Roughriders:

If you come to Saskatchewan during the summer/fall, you must check experience Rider Nation, and catch a Roughrider (CFL) foodtball game.  Wear green, and be prepared to see the best and craziest football fans around!

6)  Pubs:

Regina's pubs are a great place to hang out day or evening.  Some of the best include Bushwakker and O'Hanlon's.  All of the best night clubs for dancing are in the Warehouse District on Dewdney Avenue.

8)  Live Music:

Regina has a great music scene with a lot of awesome, local, original bands, including my favourites:  Screaming Daisies, Day Trip, Grain Report, Kory Istace vs. The Time Pirates, The Fortunate Isles, and PandaCorn.  Check out the websites of the following places to see their events calendars:

The Exchange
The Artful Dodger
The Artesian

We also have a lot of festivals and other artsy events in Regina.  You can read more about them here, here and here.

Where are you from?  Tell me something fun to do in your city!


Simply Lofe said...

This looks like a great place to visit!

Ameena said...

I've never been to this part of Canada...looks so so pretty! Must make the effort to visit one day.

Amber said...

I have to admit I don't really know much about Regina and I have never been there. I have been to Saskatoon a couple of times and might be coming back in 2015 for our national conference. I actually almost went to University in Regina as they have a really good journalism program but ended up in Kamloops instead!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never been to Regina either, but I have to say that it's impressive that it has so much to offer. I have always been really impressed by all the great ethnic cuisines that you have access to!

Anonymous said...

My favourite place to eat was the Willow on Wascana. Two words: Land Chowder. I do miss the paths in and around Wascana Park.

We like the zoo here in Saskatoon and live pretty close to it. When I'm not injured and running, I'll often run a route along the edge of the zoo and can sometimes hear the lions roaring when they're here in the summer.