Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Perogy Making

I grew up eating a lot of Ukrainian food (very similar to a lot of people in Saskatchewan), as my grandma on my mom's side is Ukrainian.  She always made perogies, and she taught my mom to make perogies.  My mom got sick before she could teach me how to make them, and although I can still ask her and my grandma questions, or read a recipe from a book, I think it's better to learn by doing.

Fortunately, Christopher has some Ukrainian in him too, and each year he and his sister make perogies.  Last year was my first time making them, and then this past Saturday we made them again.

We had to get in the Ukrainian spirit by listening to Zrada, an awesome band that Christopher's band played with earlier this year in Winnipeg.

These two love birds (Will & Vicki) came over at noon and we got to work!

We each had a job (peeling potatoes, grating cheese, chopping onions, making dough, cooking bacon). Well, we didn't all have a job.  Will was there to look pretty and make us laugh.  But, he did a great job of that!

We ended up with about 10 dozen perogies, as well as two calzone sized perogies - yum yum!

Are there any cultural foods that you eat regularly in your family?  
Do you know how to make them?


Simply Life said...

Oh these look like they came out great!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those look delicious! We don't have any big cultural traditions in our family that are a lot of work, but my aunt's family is very norweigan and every year the women gather and make homemade lefse. I can't have that since it has gluten in it but i used to love having it as a child.

Anonymous said...

They look awesome!! The biggest cultural tradition we have in our family is making homemade spaghetti. It's a lot of work, but there's nothing quite like it!