Friday, April 26, 2013

The Grotto in Vibank

Last night we went to a restaurant that is in a small town about 40 minutes away.  I had been to The Grotto a couple times before, but each time it's a little different.  They do a Mexican dinner once a week (usually Fridays, but they did a special dinner for our large group yesterday) that is a fixed price and a fixed menu.  There is no ordering - you just get what they bring you.  The cost is $39 per person.

First up was a corn chowder.  It was piping hot and fantastic:

The main course included a pork tamale, corn on the cob, a grilled avocado with cactus salad, a chicken tostada, black re-fried beans, and chocolate/coffee braised beef.  The corn was my favourite part.

The dessert was tres leche cake:

Overall I thought the meal was really good, although I enjoyed it a bit more the last time I was there.  We're looking forward to trying their Saturday evening meat platter night.

Do you ever travel out of town just to eat and then come home?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum that all looks really good and has me craving Mexican food now. I have driven to certain areas of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to eat that were probably about as far as you drove for that meal. I usually hate driving places, but if the meal is really good, it's worth it!

Kacy said...

Looks amazing! In Oklahoma I traveled to a small town about 45 minutes away for fried chicken, and since DC is so spread out and there are lots of suburbs we often travel to Virginia or Maryland for good eats.