Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1)  I was grocery shopping on Monday and came across Zevia, a zero-calorie cola that is sweetened with stevia, not aspartame.  Stevia is an all natural, non-harmful sweetener that won't increase blood sugar.  Coincidentally I checked my email today and I had received a press release regarding this new product (and a photo) to share with you all.

I haven't tried Zevia yet, and am not a huge pop fan, but I'll definitely give it a try.

2)  I find it very strange that I get sent press releases every day.  Since when am I "press"!?  Anywhoooooo.

3)  Does any one else want to try the Big Brother slop just to know what it tastes like?  I am so curious!  However, I think I would probably die of boredom and jealousy if I had to live on it for a week while watching others eat delicious food.

4)  Breakfast this morning was a kale smoothie and a toasted tomato sandwich.  Yum!

5)  It was snowing a lot this evening.  Yikes!

6)  I'm really excited to go out to The Grotto on Thursday.  It's a great restaurant in a small town about 40 minutes away.  We're going with my coworkers.

7)  My dad took me out for supper and a visit tonight.  I had a veggie burger and some fries.  I love chatting with my dad - we think a lot alike.

8)  Have you ever wondered how secure your password is?  Find out here.  Mine would take a desktop PC 377 billion years to crack.  That's probably because it has 16 completely random characters/numbers.  And I have ninja powers.

9)  I recently bought Lightroom editing software, and am slightly extremely overwhelmed just opening up the program.  Any tips?  Maybe learning Lightroom will be my summer project ...

10)  No matter how many times I hear this song, I still love it.  We had fun dancing to it in NOLA.  The DJ hadn't heard it before (the musician, Classified, is Canadian) but thanked me for requesting it because he loved it.

P.S. the DJ also told me that he went to high school with Lil Wayne and assured me that Lil Wayne "was always cool."  I didn't need to be told.  I knew it ;-)

Is it feeling like spring/summer where you live?  Any fun things lined up for the summer yet?  How secure is your password?  Any experience with Lightroom?  Is it as scary as it seems?
Did you listen to the song?  It's awesome, right?


Yelena (One Healthy Apple) said...

Hi Jolene! You always visit my lonely blog :) It always brings me to check up on you!

We have had zevia around for a while here. I'm just not a soda/pop fan so I'm not huge on it.

It does feel like spring here. It was 80 degrees F here today. Warm and toasty!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think my password is fairly safe. My passwords are usually in a foreign language, which I feel makes them safer, but who knows!

The weather has been beautiful here in Charlotte, but it's been horrible back in MN as they got 6" of snow this week, on top of the 6"+ they got the week before. So awful.

I don't have much planned for this summer yet. I will probably do a lot of trips around where I live and will hopefully go home for a long lake weekend. And I am going to NYC in August so I am really looking forward to that!!

Anonymous said...

It's feeling more like winter over here. I'm so over it!

Kacy said...

It is still going back and forth between summer and winter here. No snow though, luckily!