Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1)  Last night we went out for dinner to Bombay (again) and were very impressed with the incredible food (again).  Since we have been visiting this restaurant since it first opened, and have come back again and again, often with different friends/family, the generous owner comped our meal last night!  We were very grateful for his generosity, and will be back to spend money very soon!

2)  I've been having smoothies for breakfast quite often lately.  The other day my smoothie included a small banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a small handful of organic almonds, 1 T cocoa, 1 tsp vanilla.

3)  I am pretty much obsessed with the game 4 Pics 1 Word.  I don't have any type of device that can allow me to play this game, but I love answering when people ask for help.  I am so into it, that I am considering finally replacing my LG Rumour phone, for something a little ... ummm ... smarter. 

4)  I'm convinced March is going to be the best month EVER.  It's only the 5th, and March has already included a seafood feast, a birthday party, dinner with friends, and a concert.  Tomorrow I'm playing laser tag, and plans for the rest of March include:  an evening of music, a weekend of celebrating, a trip to Mexico, a trip to New Orleans ... and who knows what else!?

5)  Speaking of concerts ... Tegan and Sara put on a good show last night, although I liked the opening band, Diana even more.

6)  It still looks like winter, and feels like winter.  Does that mean I should get this?  I'm pretty sure it will make shoveling easier.  Right?

7)  Big Brother Canada.  It's about time!  They are talking about Cadillac Ranch right now, and the dance that they learned in school in Alberta.  Ha - I love it.

8)  The sandwich master made some dinner on Sunday.  See the bacon?  I like bacon.

9)  These cookies look amazing. 

10)  This book arrived in the mail today:

As you may already know, I read a lot about nutrition and natural medicine.  I think I'll crack open this book tonight!  (Full DisclosureThis is a free copy sent to me by a publicity manager from FSB Associates; I was not required to post about it; if I review it, all opinions will be honest and my own).

What are your Tuesday things?  How's March going for you so far?  Do you have anything fun to look forward to this month?


Amber said...

Wow it is so so great the owner of your favourite restaurant noticed your loyalty and comped your meal. That is very cool and good customer service!

You have a really fun March ahead of you!

sophia said...

Why you not make those cookies for me?! Haha.

Nice about the owner comping you! I love repeat visits because you form relationships with the owner.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome owner to comp the meal! March 28th is the hubby's birthday and I still don't know what to get him!

Kacy said...

Your March sounds amazing! Mine is going pretty well so far, but it's going to be a lot more relaxed than previous months and I'm okay with that :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, March is going to be an epically amazing month for you! Two vacations? That is awesome!

I wish I lived close to you and could check out Bombay. I love that they take note of loyal customers and do things like comp a meal. I haven't had a meal comped, but the restaurant across the street where we tend to have work happy hours gave our table a round of free drinks to thank us for our loyalty, which I thought was really cool!