Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Imitation Crab Bee Bim Bop

As you likely know, bee bim bop is one of my favourite meals.  Tonight we made this epic dish with imitation crab meat.  The dish also includes: sticky rice, gochujang paste, cooked carrot, mushroom and celery, kimchi, egg, and sesame seeds.  You can find the basic recipe here.


Even better with some crumbled seaweed on top.  


This is one meal that I cannot. stop. eating.  I have to make myself quit.

I hadn't ever used imitation crab in a main course before today; I've only ever used it in appetizers.  It was really delicious cooked up in a pan with some sesame oil.

Do you like imitation crab?  How do you use it?


Anonymous said...

I like imitation crab. I usually put it in my crab dip.

Kacy said...

I've never cooked with imitation crab, but it looks great in this dish!

Allysia said...

You know I'm totally there with you on the bibimbap thing, though I've been missing it lately since I haven't found gochujang. But yeah, it's pretty much the perfect meal.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am not a big fan of imitation crab... but in general I am not a huge crab person. But that looks like a delicious meal!

Anonymous said...

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