Saturday, November 10, 2012


A new Italian restaurant opened up in town recently.  I had heard mixed reviews, but I wanted to try it for myself.  Today 11 coworkers and I braved the blowing snow to go for lunch to Fortuna.  

When you walk in the front doors there is a large, empty foyer area before you get up to the entrance to the restaurant.  I thought this was kind of weird looking.  We were greeted by numerous hostesses/waitresses and were able to watch the chefs in action while we waited for our table.

We had seen a lunch menu on Twitter and were hoping to order from that.  Unfortunately the lunch menu was only a temporary thing (must have been very temporary because it hasn't been open very long), and we had to order from the regular menu.  I was disappointed in this because I wasn't too keen on spending 20+ dollars at lunch, which is the price of most entrees.  All "fine-dining" restaurants that are open for lunch should have a lunch menu, in my opinion.  There were two lunch options given to us verbally.  One was a steak panini and the other was fish.

They brought out some delicious bread with oil and balsamic vinegar.  


The menu was extensive, yet on the pricier side.  I ended up choosing one of the cheaper options which was spaghetti con polpette (spaghetti with meatballs) for $17

The food came out very quickly, which was nice at lunch.


This spaghetti was alright, but not great.  The noodles were overcooked.  The meatballs were flavourful, but quite "mushy".  The sauce was somewhat bland ... I thought it was better with a bit of balsamic in it (which I used from my bread plate).  A dash of red wine could have made a difference.  I prefer my own homemade spaghetti and meatballs.

A few others had the same dish and had similar thoughts. 

Some of my pals got the gnocci.  

I had a taste, and it was by far the fluffiest gnocci I have ever tasted.  

The sauce was rich, but the gnocci was light.  We all decided that it would be great with a glass of vino to cut through the richness of the sauce.  Those who dined on this commented that a bit of greens or something on the side would have been nice, especially for the high price.

A friend found something foreign in her meatball, which she was chewing on and removed from her mouth to see that it was a bit of metal from a dish scrubby.  She politely told the waiter, and was offered a dessert.  We were all on our way out, so she declined the dessert, and instead was given $3 off of her bill.  When a restaurant is just starting out and trying to build a reputation, I don't think this was the best approachI think that her meal should have been comped.

I expected more from this restaurant, but was disappointed overall, as were the other 11 diners.  The food was definitely overpriced, and not spectacular by any means.

I have heard that the appetizers are really good, and I always give a restaurant at least two chancesChris and I will have to go for dinner one night and give it another shot.

Have you tried any new restaurants lately?  Have you been to this restaurant?  If so, what did you order, and what did you think of it?

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Allison said...

I totally agree.... And when I asked if I could have Caesar salad with my steak sandwich. I was curtly told that the chef was brought in from Italy and Caesar salad is not Italian. Hmmmm was my steak sandwich! Lol

Allysia said...

Oy vey, that is a pricey lunch! And as a vegan, a lot of the time when I'm dragged out to very non-vegan chain restaurants, the only option is some sort of pasta, and 9 times out of 10 it's something I could make way more awesome at home, so I hear ya on that. And that gnocchi could've totally used some greenery! And yet another oy vey to the dish scrubby thing, that should've been a free meal. Thumbs down.

Kacy said...

I would not have been happy about that at all! I agree that fine dining restaurants should have a separate lunch menu. People don't typically even want huge dinner portions that early in the day. And not having the meal comped wherein a piece of metal was found is highly outrageous. Sounds like this place might not make it very long :/

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow. I can not believe they didn't comp her meal. That is awful! And I agree - they should have a lunch menu with more reasonable prices as that is a lot to spend at lunch. That is kind of you to give them a 2nd chance, though!

Jodi @ blog-o-licious said...

I have not heard great things about this restaurant. Thanks for your review.