Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Perogy Night Fundraiser

This evening I met up with some friends at a the university bar for a perogy night fundraiser put on by a non-profit organization that one of my best buddies, Alaina, works for.  

Fundraisers like this are quite common in my city.  They are usually steak nights, but I have been to rib nights, pizza nights, and now a perogy night.  Tickets are always around $20-25 for these things, and you usually get a tasty beverage to accompany your meal.   

Are these types of fundraisers common in your city?

Mmmmm!  We love our Ukrainian food in Saskatchewan.  

I grew up on perogies, as my mom's side is Ukrainian.  I never got around to learning how to make them from my mom or grandma, but fortunately Christopher is going to teach me this December.  I'm excited!  

What is your nationality?  Have you learned any traditional recipes from a parent or grandparent?


Simply Life said...

This looks like such a fun event!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome fund raiser!

Kacy said...

My nationality is kind of a mystery, my parents claim not to know. My last name sounds German and my mom's name sounds Irish, but that's just speculation. Most of the family is from Kansas or Oklahoma, so we also assume Native American - which makes sense based on our features. But growing up we lived on a mostly Southern/Standard American diet.
That said, I love perogies!

Allysia said...

I've never heard of a perogie fundraiser here, but it's a good idea! We do love our Ukrainian food here, ha ha. :) I've made perogies with my mom and grandma before...and they're a massive pain in the ass. Well okay - it's just because it's slow and repetitive and I'm impatient! I'm sure I'll get around to making them again in the near future so I can stuff them with awesome things (like vegan cheese...heh heh).

Anonymous said...

I'm Italian, German and English. My Italian grandmom taught me how to make green spaghetti - it's my favorite!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I live in such a big city now, it's hard to get a sense for whether we have things like that, but I want to say no... In the smaller town where I grew up, we would have fundraisers like that.

I am German, but have not really learned too many classic german recipes!

Alli said...

a perogy fundraiser sounds like a genius idea, as I'd sell a kidney for some homemade perogies. So so good!

I'm Jewish and I definitely have some Jewish recipes I make. Our two big family recipes are Matzah Balls, which we make very differently from the way most people do and noodle kugel, which is a super yummy sweet baked noddle dish.

OK, now I'm hungry ;)