Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Afternoons

I am always looking for people to hang out with in the summer during the day as the days can get boring and repetitive.  Luckily my sister works evenings and was able to meet me for lunch yesterday.  She also brought along my favourite little person, my nephew Giovanni.  

We had lunch at Flip downtown, which is one of my new favourite restaurants.  The drinks are amazing, and I have never had a bad meal there.  Yesterday I ordered the 5 a.m. Farmer's Salad.  

It was eggcellent.  

After lunch we went down the street to Fresh and Sweet because we heard that they had maple bacon cupcakes!  


Unfortunately they left a lot to be desired.  I ate about half of this cupcake and tossed the rest.

I hope my sister plans on hanging out with me a lot more this summer!  Speaking of my sister and summer, she posted some great summer beauty tips on her blog today.  If you are interested in beauty tips head over there, as I know you don't come here for anything like that :-)  I only give tips like these (maybe I shouldn't be giving tips at all).

This afternoon I am lucky enough to have another afternoon date planned.  I am meeting Allysia from one of my favourite blogs, The Real Meal.  We have been bloggy friends for quite a while, and I have seen her band play twice, but we have never actually met in person.  I am excited!

What are you up to today?  Do you have any days off during the week?  Since you don't come here for the beauty tips, what does keep you coming back to Everyday Foodie?


Kacy said...

I work from home two days a week, but don't typically have whole days off. I'd like to meet people for lunch more often, but everyone is spread out.
I come to your blog for YOU and all your yummy food :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's awesome you got to meet up with your sister! I never have days off during the week, but I did once take 2 weeks off between jobs and i had lunches most days w/ friends - I would just drive to the area that they worked in. It was so much fun!

I keep coming back for your food porn. Ha.

Unknown said...

We shall also have an afternoon date this summer!!

Anonymous said...

I'm at an office all week....yuck! What keeps me coming back are your blogs posts - I truly love reading them!

Grace said...

Thanks for the cupcake review! I've been tempted by it at lunch times at their new location (Fresh on Hamilton)... but I'll probably pass now! :)

Allysia said...

Definitely still want to check out Flip, I should see if they have an online menu up! And even if I wasn't vegan I don't think I would ever go for bacon on a cupcake... :)