Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinapples and Messy Kimchi Bowl

I recently came across a blog post on how to cut a pineapple, and although it did the trick, it was no where near as efficient as the job that this little tool does.

I picked this thing up for next to nothing at some kitcheny store (I think a lot of places sell them).

You just cut off the top of the pineapple, stick the spiky end in and turn.  

Once you are almost at the bottom of the pineapple, you stop, and pull up until all the insides come out.  Then you remove the black piece on the tool and pull off your perfect pineapple rounds.


It leaves the core behind, which you can then simply cut out and BAM you are left with a perfect mug for your next slushy summer drink.

I love my pineapple corer.  

I also love kimchi.  Actually, I have a slight obsession with kimchi.  I might need an intervention.  I have 2 liters of it in my fridge, but still consider buying more when I pass the Korean grocery store.

Yesterday I made a messy bowl with sticky rice that I cooked with gochujang.  I topped it with seaweed, kimchi and a fried egg.  Yummmmmmmm!

I have also developed a love for sea weed.  I have been eating it from the bag like potato chips the last couple of days.

How do you cut a pineapple?  Do you like sea weed?
What are you up to this weekend?


Kacy said...

I need one of those! I don't cut pineapple, I just buy it pre-cut because I'm lazy. Hence needing that tool! haha.
I love kimchee and that looks fabulous!

Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats said...

I'll admit, I avoid buying fresh pineapple just because I don't want to cut it up. But your little tool seems to work great!

DessertForTwo said...

Your food cravings are so healthy! :)

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

you got me crushing on kimichi too!

Also that pineapple corer... yah, my ex bf bought me one for christmas one year - every single day before christmas - he kept telling me I should be SO excited about my gift... and that's what it was! hahahahahhaaa awwwh memories - it did work pretty well though!!

Why am I here??? said...

Oh my you're my Korean sister in Regina. I LOVE kimchi too but I'm not brave enough to make it myself, like you. We get our "supply" from the Korean community that "feels sooooooo sorry for him because I don't cook for my husband".

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never actually cut a pineapple - I always buy the cored ones in the grocery store and then cut it up from there. I did get my mom that same gadget a couple of birthdays ago and she loves it, too!

leahnoelle ( said...

You got me hooked on kimchi, I crave it all the time!

Fanta said...

I've been buying my kimchi from the Korean restaurant ... it really is addicting!!! Usually I make a bunch of rice and mix in samjang and have my kimchi on the side.

If Samjang were a man I'd marry it... ha ha



Alli said...

I am a full on Kimchi addict too! We may have to start a support group.

Why am I here??? said...

I could have used that pineapple peeler today!

Anonymous said...

I twist and pull of the leaves, cut it in half, cut off the ends, cut the halves in half, cut out the core, cut across the quartered sections down to the rind (is it a rind in a pineapple?), and then cut out the pieces. We just had pineapple yesterday, in fact!

This weekend I've got a wedding at Elk Ridge. Have never been, but hear it's nice, so am looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

I need one of those in my life! I usually cut down the sides of a pineapple and cut off chunks. The corer is a much better idea!