Friday, April 13, 2012

NY Love.

We are now home from New York and I will be catching up on posts and blog reading!  Also, if you haven't entered my Lemon and Orange Stevia Giveaway you can do so here.  I am extending the giveaway until Tuesday 17th, 2012.

We stayed in the Upper West Side of Manhattan at The Lucerne Hotel.  

I was extremely impressed with this hotel.  The rooms and beds are small, which is typical for NY, but the bed was the most comfortable I have ever slept in.  The service, location and amenities are also great.  I would definitely stay in this hotel again.

Another place that I will visit again and have frequented each time I have been in NY is Zabar's.  This is the greatest foodie market, grocery store, deli, etc..  We ate a few breakfasts there throughout the week.


The deli across form our hotel also had a good breakfast and a wide selection of food for those on the go.  It would be very easy to live in Manhattan without a kitchen ... unless of course you are like me and looove to cook.

We dragged our friends to Levain Bakery and forced them to try a cookie ...

I ate about 1/2 of this ginormous double chocolate cookie.  


Toooooo much sweeeeet, but oohhhh so good!  When I am not in NY I can just make my version of these cookies at home.

As we were wandering the streets of Tribeca one evening we happened upon a group of people smoking pineapple hookah at a table of a restaurant patio.  We got to chatting with them and they told us about a new German bar and bakery that had just opened.  We crossed the street to check it out.

We were instantly impressed with Landbrot.  This is the only place outside of Germany that sells the draft on their menu.  They also bake bread and other goodies fresh every morning and sell those as well. 

I tried one of the brews and then we liked the place so much that we came back a couple of nights later and visited with the staff and owner over a pint.  The service was spectacular.  


They must have liked us too, because they bought us a round and sent us home with a giant goodie bag of baking.


No complaints here!  Can't wait to go back to Landbrot.  It is a Manhattan gem that is sure to do very, very well.

Do you have any favourite restaurants/bars from your travels?


Simply Life said...

Oh that looks like such a fun time!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is so cool that you got to meet the owners of that bakery/Bar (which is a strange, but wonderful combination). And how kind of them to send you home with some goodies. Sounds like you had an amazing trip!

I haven't really had any stand out meals while traveling... Mostly because I have done alot of traveling on my own, so meals aren't really a central part of my trip. I had some great meals in Paris, but I wouldn't be able to tell anyone restaurant names or where they were!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts from NYC - looks like a blast, as usual! I want to visit the city for Levain alone...

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

Ive been following along on all your posts from NYC and glad you had a blast! Great hotels and great beds and getting a good night sleep when traveling is such a gift!

Kacy said...

That looks so amazing. I can't think of a specific place off the top of my head, but I definitely love to eat when I travel. I'm going to NYC in August and hope to try osme of those places!

Anonymous said...

you didn't buy me some levain and mail 'em to me? HOW DARE YOU!