Thursday, April 5, 2012

Positivity & Off We Go!

Last weekend wasn't spectacular.  I was feeling a little down, and was tired from a rough morning of negativity.  Made a pit stop on the highway, and found a little bit of positivity on the wall of the washroom stall of all places.  Not sure if it is connected to Operation Beautiful or not ... lifted my spirits a bit though.  Positivity is where it's at people!  

What has been positive in your day today?  Your week?


This weekend is bound to be better as we are headed to NYC!!  We've been trying to empty the fridge before we go, so breakfasts have looked a little something like this ...


Most dinners have been eaten out.  Picked up an awesome veggie burger at 13th Avenue Coffee House and Food the other day, and then a sub today.


Bags are packed, key given to house watcher, and we're ready to go!  Next time you hear from me I will be taking a GIANT bite out of the Big Apple.

What do you have planned for the long weekend?


Simply Life said...

I love that you shared this bit of positivity you saw! what a difference words can make! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, have a wonderful time!!! Can't wait to read all about your adventures.

Unfortunately it's not a long weekend for most Americans (at least most I know)... But i will be heading to my parents' lake home on Saturday night to celebrate Easter on Sunday. Can't wait!

Kacy said...

I'm moving this weekend. Good times.
I hope you feel better!

Why am I here??? said...

Have fun!