Monday, December 21, 2009

We are almost there ... and I am almost ready! Tomorrow is my last day of work, and then I am off for 2 weeks!! You have NO idea how excited I am to be on holidays for 2 weeks. Also, we leave for the Dominican Republic on the 29th ... so I have even more to be excited for.

Last night we had the hubby's family over for dinner. I made a spiced ham with scalloped potatoes, and honey balsamic carrots.

I also made a homemade applesauce and honey mustard sauce.

I enjoyed 1 glass of red wine with dinner, and a nanaimo square for dessert.

This morning I had leftover wifesaver of course (recipe to come soon - I promise!!)

I also had a glass of orange juice. Mmmmm, I don't drink juice often, but it sure beats water in the morning!

At work I had an orange and a small cinnamon bun (gotta love staffroom snacks around the holidays!)

Lunch was another orange and a mini lasagna from Costco - really good!

And since we made a GIANT ham for dinner yesterday, I had leftovers for supper. You might be seeing ham for a few days ...

Are you traveling at all over the holidays?

We will be going with 10 friends to the Dominican for a week - but unfortunately I won't be here for my sister's 23rd b-day which is on New Years Eve.

Stay tuned for a special post tomorrow night :-)


Devan said...

where in the dominican are you going? I went to Punta Cana last year.. amazing.
You are going to have the best time <3

Karin said...

I want to go to the Dominican as well! It must be so pretty there.. Well I'll go to Japan on the 30th, does that count? ;)

Simply Life said...

Oh that's SO excited you'll be going to the DR!!! I LOVE it there!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not travelling too far - only about 45 minutes. I can't believe Christmas is only 2 days away!!

Anonymous said...

ZOMG. What the heck is that wifesaver thing? I'm intruiged. Geez lady you sound like you are gonna have such an awesome time for NYE!!! Take tons of food pics! I love island food!

Anonymous said...

Hooray 3 days to go (although by the time I'm reading this it's 2 days to go)It's so exciting going to the Dominican for New Year Celebrations, espesh with 10 friends.

Looking forward to the special post.


Jocelyn said...

mmmm that ham dinner looks delish! I bet everybody enjoyed that :):) That is so exciting that you get time off AND that you are going away to somewhere warm!!!

Anonymous said...

i love that you're going somewhere fun! i'm not :-)
but it's nice to be home

Anonymous said...

This wifesaver stuff looks so interesting - can't wait to see the recipe. Your scalloped potatoes also look awesome, but could you really go wrong with cheese and potatoes?

Yelena said...

Wow, your dinner sounds great! I am very impressed!

We are hanging at home but have some trips planned next year, so can't complain!

I hope you have an amazing time on your trip to DR.

Low said...

Those scalloped potatoes look crazy good. I am a sucker for cheesey carbs!

Can't wait for the wifesaver recipe :)

Anonymous said...

ahh that is so exciting that your going somewhere warm and pretty :)
yay for three days!!
all the food looks great too!