Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last night was the perfect evening for a Christmas party ... it was a little chilly out, but still a beautiful winter day.

We spent the night enjoying delicious eats with our very best friends. I was so busy mingling throughout the night that I only remembered to snap photos after quite the dent had been put in the spread.

That top one looks nasty - but it was good!

I ate a little of everything throughout the night - but not as much as a should have :-) I was too busy visiting.

The above platter was full - but it went fast. We had to re-fill later on in the evening!

We had so much fun, and are so happy that so many good friends showed up!
The Christmas party ended around 4 am!

This morning the hubby and I woke up around 11, and went for lunch to Edo Japan in the mall. Sorry - we forgot the camera in the car ... but I had the Sukiyaki beef with veggies on rice.

After lunch we took our little nephew to a b-day party at a pool. He had so much fun swimming with Uncle Chris:

A little too much fun :-)

After a wonderful day spent with our nephew, I noticed and email from my advisor regarding my recently submitted thesis. This was my 1st time submitting the paper and he wrote to me that he had very few corrections, and that the writing was absolutely excellent and it was a very polished document! For my first try with no previous feedback, I am pretty pleased! I will make some minor changes tomorrow, and then submit the final copy!!!!!!!

This has turned out to be a fabulous weekend!

For dinner this evening we went to hubby's parents for lasagna, garlic bread, and Caesar salad. I also had a glass of crystal light ice tea.

Dessert was a Nanimo square (only one):

How was your weekend? What was the highlight?

Stay tuned tomorrow for the basement BEFORE pictures!
AFTER pictures will follow on Tuesday!


Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

All that food looks super delicious! Sounds like a great party :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had such a great time! Your nephew is such a cutie!

Unknown said...

Glad your party went great!! Your nephew is such a sweetie pie!! I love that sleeping picture!

CONGRATS on your thesis, how exciting! That must be a huge relief. What is you doing your masters in?

My highlight this weekend. We found our dream house (and we weren't really looking) It's soooo beautiful, we're trying to figure out our finances and might put an offer on it this week!! CRAZY!!

Talk soon

Simply Life said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Wow, all the food at your party looks great - did you prepare all of it or did guests bring food as well?

Quinn said...

Love the party eats, and look at that cutie patooty sleeping!

Anonymous said...

Your inlaws make some good eats!! BTW awesome job on your thesis! :) What a relief!! Also, great job mingling AWAY from the food. Most of the time I'm mingling..but around the food. :( The eats look so simple but tasty!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your thesis!
Looks like you had a great party and everyone must've really enjoyed the food, it all looks delicious.


Alaina said...

Thanks for another amazing party Jolene and Chris! We had a blast. And the food - so good!

Congratulations on the positive feedback on your thesis! You are so close to being done!

p.s. Your basement is so cool. I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the party was so much fun! The food looks amazing. Your nephew is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh that dinner looks great! I love garlic bread and ceasar salad!
Congrats on such a great job on your thesis!

Anonymous said...

that whole spread looks fabulous but i'm so stuck on the nanimo bar... those things are sooo good (and so hard to find in the states!)

Barbara said...

Love the photo of your adorable nephew sleeping!
Your party looks like great fun and the food fabulous! I always forget to take photos of my own parties.
Last night was a Christmas Party for my Antique group...the hostess's home was beautifully decorated with a huge tree and something Christmasy on every table. The food was delish and we had a great evening. (Had no camera in my purse!)

Low said...

Looks like a great party! I wish I could have gone :)