Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good evening bloggies! Today was a very productive day for me. I got done *almost* all of my Christmas shopping ... and now I just have to spend 9000 hours wrapping, and I will be good to go! Luckily my hubby is a pro present wrapper. His mommy taught him well.

Check out this sweet find I got at Walmart yesterday:

Of course I used them in the only reasonable way:

That's right. On my oats. I made the oats this morning with 1/2 cup coffee, and 1/2 cup almond breeze. I will name these my "Cranberry Mocha" Oats.

This morning at work I also had 2 oranges and a handful of chips with dip (food from the staffroom table).

When I was at Shopper's Drug Mart the other day, they had all the Amy's Frozen foods on for dirt cheap. I bought one of everything. You will be seeing a lot of them in the next few days.

Lunch today was Amy's Lasagna:

This was alright ... but not as good as the mac and cheese from yesterday.
It smelled like cabbage.

Speaking of cabbage ... I went to buy a head of sour cabbage today (to make cabbage rolls) and it came in at $19!!!!!!!!!!!! For a freakin' head of cabbage!!!! I don't think so. I told the lady at Safeway to keep it. I will check somewhere else.

With lunch I also had a glo-bar:

I love all the glo-bars and have tried almost every flavour ... but this one isn't my fave. It was good, but not as good as the others.

The hubby still haven't bought groceries! It has been like 2 weeks or so!!

So, what do people do when it is freezing cold, and they don't have groceries?

They pick up a steaming hot, greasy pepperoni pizza from Costco. Duh.

I will eat vegetables in January.

Also un-pictured from today is a non-fat, decaf latte that was consumed while braving the retail outlets trying to knock over other shoppers for the best gifts.

I asked you yesterday what was on your wish list ...

Here are some things that are on mine:

1) Green Cast Iron Pot from Costco

2) Travel Pillow and Blanket

3) Book "Is God a Mathametician?"

4) Book "Bozo Sapians"

5) Book "Kluge"

6) Sex and the City box set of DVDs

7) Clothing from MetroPark
(we don't have this store in Canada, so my hubby would have to order this)

The hubby said he is almost done shopping for me - except my stocking!! I LOVE stockings!! They are one of my favourite parts of Christmas :-)

Do you do the stocking thing? Any neat traditions? What do you usually get in your stocking? My mother in law thought it was so weird when my hubby got me babybel cheese in my stocking. Hehe.


Devan said...

I loove stockings!
I ALWAYS get a christmas ornage in my toe of my sock :) hehe
No computer for me still.. :( just on my roomies. xox


Dione said...

19 bucks for sour cabbage?? I had no idea. My grandma always makes the cabbage rolls with the sour cabbage (the only way to do it in my opinion...I'm a good Ukrainian girl too!) but I've never made them myself. I will have to check that out next time I'm in Safeway.

Simply Life said...

oh yum! those cranberries look amazing!

Anonymous said...

omg. what you want for christmas is so cute. smart and unmaterialistic lady. :) all your eats loook warmly good! I'm jealous you wrapped your gifts. :P

Anonymous said...

Mmmm Costco pizza... We always have stockings, but our big tradition is popovers for breakfast and my mom always hides a pickle ornament on the tree for my brother and I to find. Whoever finds it gets the "pickle present!"

Amber said...

This year me and Eric are ONLY doing stockings for each other because we can't afford to buy expensive guests. And thanks for the great tip! Eric LOVES babybel cheese I am so going to get that for his stocking!1 Haha

Anais said...

LOVE stockings!!! A lot of my fave gifts often come from there! Like last year, my mom gave me some Kusmi tea - delicious!

And 19$????? What the hell?? It must've been a mistake! Oh, and I love the idea of putting those chocolate cranberries in oatmeal ;)

Anonymous said...

I did so the stocking thing when I was living at home, but the husband and I don't have stockings in our new house. I need to buy us some!

Unknown said...

I love stockings... I have no tradition for what I get in them. I am hoping I get something sparkly this year! hehe..

I usually just fill it with random stuff. This year Dave is getting all his favorite chocolate bars and a bunch of tim hortons gift cards (for his morning coffee)

Kacy said...

That pizza looks heavenly!

$19 for cabbage?! That is insane!!!

Toni @ Imperfect Pregnancy said...

Coffee in oats? You are a GENIUS! I wish I hadn't just poured myself a bowl of cereal. I am so trying that tomorrow. I am in awe of you right now. That's the best thing I've heard in awhile.

Anonymous said...

i love stockings! last year i made my fiance (boyfriend at the time)'s mom a stocking-and she said she hadn't had one in about 30 years unelss she filled it herself (her husband and kids didn't think to do it!)
i got some major brownie points there.

Alaina said...

We have the craziest stocking tradition of all in our family. We draw names to see whose stocking we are in charge of (there is my mom, dad, brother, my husband and me)and then buys a bunch of random stuff (lots of chocolate, cheese, etc.)

Then we wrap each gift separately and put a small note on each - usually it is a really corny pun. For example, on a Terry's Chocolate Orange it MUST say "Orange you glad it's Christmas?"

Then we take old pantyhose (one pair per person) and start putting the wrapped gifts in the legs, tying it in a knot after each one.

I know that all sounds crazy and like a lot of work but it makes the stockings last a long time and we get lots of laughs out of the lame things we write on the notes. Stockings are also my favourite!

Anonymous said...

We used to do stockings when I was a kid, but we don't now.


Dione said...

I am 34 and my sister is 31 and we still have to get our "stockings" every year too. I agree they are always the best. I put stocking in quotes because for the past several years we don't get stockings, we get "goodie bags". My mom gets so much that a stocking isn't nearly big enough. Some of the things that we get every year are toothbrushes, lip balm, dental floss, chocolate, a Christmas ornament. We also get kitchen gadgets, tools, and other things like that. It's always the best part of Christmas:)
Hope you find some cheaper sour cabbage for your holubtsi!:)

Anonymous said...

we do stockings too! usually my mom gives my sisters lip gloss or something. i have no idea what she's going to get me. who knows!

Jocelyn said...

19 dollars for cabbage!?!?/ shooooo. I'd tell that store where to stick that cabbage lol

Love the wishlist :) Hope you get what you desssire!

p.s that pizza looks delish