Friday, December 4, 2009

Another late post ... another late night. The hubby and I have been working non-stop to get our house in order for our Christmas party tomorrow!

Breakfast this morning was a Green Monster, some OJ, and half a glo-bar:

Today was a professional development day at work (no kids), and there were lots of yummy treats on the staffroom table. I had 2 laughing cow cheeses, and 1 babybel, along with a handful of grapes and a small handful of crackers.

I went for lunch with friends from work and had quiche and a side salad. The salad was a little blah, so I only ate 1/2:

After work, I had a Guinness and tried about 3 of a friend's Texas cut chips. Then I went grocery shopping and bought a tonne of stuff for tomorrow ...

Dinner tonight was a $5 dollar frozen pizza that I picked up at Superstore. It was excellent!!

It had mushrooms, garlic, and cheese on it. Ooooey, gooooey, goodness:

After dinner I made some spiced nuts:

And also some caramel corn:

I didn't snack on them though! For dessert I snacked on a "chocolate mountain" that I made last night:

After dinner the hubby had to run some errands, and I cleaned the house. When he came home, he brought me a lovely 1/2 sweet gingerbread latte :-)

We spent the rest of the night moving furniture back and forth (We took our computer desk out to the the garage the other day, and moved our "office" downstairs. Then I decided that I didn't like to have to go downstairs to use the computer, etc. so we had to haul the desk back in, set everything back up, and completely reorganize - again). We also cleaned the house from top to bottom, and got everything set up and organized in our basement.

I am wiped now! Tomorrow we have to get up super early to take our car into the shop to get winter tires on - I have been sliding around the roads like a drunk person!

I am so excited for our Christmas party tomorrow - I love how Christmas parties always do the trick to get me in the Christmas spirit.

Do you put winter tires on your car? For those who think that is strange - we also plug our cars in in Saskatchewan :-)


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Enjoy the party tonight!!! :)

Simply Life said...

Wow looks like you're busy over there but I'm sure the party will be great! We had a frozen pizza last night too! :)

Anonymous said...

Spiced nuts and caramel corn looks delicious. I don't put Winter tyres on my car, there isn't much need for them here. I'm excited for you thinking of your Christmas party, hope you have fun and loads of pictures ;)


Unknown said...

Have a fun party!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Barbara said...

I am so impressed you had time to post the same day of your party! Wow. You must be super-organized!

Anonymous said...

we once bought a car that had the plug in it-and since my mom's canadian we knew what it was for... and had a lot of fun showing it to other people and asking if they knew what it was for :-)

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

Haha, where I grew up (Northern BC) you HAD to plug your cars in. It gets COLD up there. Last winter we hit -50 C with the wind chill.

Anyways, then I moved down to Kamloops and all my friends that are from the south are like "what's that mean" to plug your car in. Hahaha. Too funny!

Have fun at your Christmas party!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great christmas party! I wanna snack on your treats!

Alaina said...

Almost on my way...looking forward to the feast that surely awaits!!!

Yelena said...

I hope your party goes well! I was reading this in the car and neither my husband nor I have any idea of what plugging in a car entails! I guess that's what we get for living in California with no snow!

Low said...

We don't get much snow here so we don't need winter tires. I'd want them if the roads were bad though!