Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Veggie Free Day

It wasn't my goal or anything - but it happens. No veggies today (well except a sweet potato, and ketchup ... does ketchup count?).

Today was a COLD day! It snowed like crazy last night, and I woke up to a thick layer of snow covering everything. It took me twice as long as it normally does to get to work today. My eats today were warm and comforting - very fitting for a day like today.

Breakfast was a bowl of oats topped with peanut butter:

I sweetened the oats with a few drops of vanilla stevia extract.

Lunch was some perogies:

And a pear:

For dinner tonight I made a meatloaf and some sweet potatoes:

After dinner the hubby and I got right to work around the house. We had to clear out an entire cluttered room, and start putting furniture/ things downstairs in our basement. There is still so much to do, so that will be our project for the next couple nights.

This Saturday is we are hosting our 6th Annual Christmas Party!!!!! I am getting so excited!! I love all things festive :-) I can't wait to start baking/ cooking etc!

We have an extra room in our house now, and don't need it for an office or a spare bedroom ... any ideas of what to use it for?


Anonymous said...

My parents just turned my room in their house into a music/reading room (my dad owns about 3 bazillion guitars) and I LOVE it! Guitars on the walls, big comfy chairs, and book cases galore.

Anonymous said...

I love ketchup with meatloaf. My friends make fun of me! BTW how do you get yourself to workout w/ all that snowwwww? jeez. Have fun at your party! I expect tons of pics!BTW that extra room should be the craft room...or nursery. :)

Jocelyn said...

looooks good! Looks like a yummy day of eats.

You could use that extra room for a nursery ;) looool.

Or how about a hot yoga room. Get a space heater!

Alaina said...

Yes I agree - nursery for sure! ;) Maybe a karaoke room would be best.

Anais said...

Hmmm... what about an exercise room? You could have a yoga mat in there, a small tv and dvd player... Anyways I would LOVE to have that in my own house ;)

Anonymous said...

Ketchup definitely counts! haha. I second the reading room suggestion-you could make it such a cozy place to be!

kalin (eating machine) said...

you could do what we do and have a big ol' empty room :-)
(it's going to be the guest room, but it needs a bed!)
a reading room is nice-one of our living rooms is the "library" and I have a little nook in it with my desk and craft stuff/sewing/etc... so i guess it's more a "kalin spot" than anything else.
but somewhere cozy to hang out is always nice.

Unknown said...

HAHa.. ketchup counts... check!!

What about a Zen Room? I have one of those (that is not very zen right now) it's my yoga, quite away from Dave and Lance room... once all the chaos of christmas is over, it's going to get back to normal!! I recommend not calling it the Zen room though, I get in trouble every time that word slips out of my mouth... HAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

Yum! How do you make your meatloaf? It looks great.

Amber said...

Ketchup totally counts.

Hmmmm, those perogies look GOOD!

Low said...

Workout room!

SOmetimes I don't eat veggies in a whole day either. Ketchup totally counts in my world :)

Simply Life said...

yum! You always have the best looking perogies!

Katie said...

I was going to say exercise room too!!!!! That would be an awesome idea!!!! Love the perogies, they look yummy!! My fiance is actually eating some right now, lol!!! xoxoxo