Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ...

Some presents are wrapped.

The snow has freshly fallen and the scene out my front door is beautiful.

The gingerbread house has been eaten.

By this little goober ...

(2 1/2 year old nephew Giovanni)

Now onto the recap from yesterday ...

Last night while getting ready for a Christmas party, the hubby and I had subs for dinner:

I had a 6 inch turkey breast with veggies and honey mustard on whole wheat.

The spread of food at the party was absolutely mouthwatering.

We are so fortunate to be invited every year into the lovely home of our friend's parents, for delicious food, and mingling with wonderful people. We look forward to the party every year.

We were up early this morning to prepare breakfast for my family.

The wifesaver breakfast cooked away while the hubby and I wrapped gifts, and cleaned the house.

We enjoyed a breakfast of wifesaver, bacon, and fresh fruits.

After brunch and coffee we started prepping for dinner. We are having the hubby's family over for dinner tonight. We are making ham, scalloped potatoes and carrots, with a homemade honey mustard sauce and apple sauce.

I started the applesauce this afternoon.

It has been a busy but wonderful day!

How has your weekend been? What did you do?


Anonymous said...

What a great spread! Gingerbread houses never lasted very long in my house growing up!

Simply Life said...

Oh my! All that food looks amazing, especially the brunch!!!

Dione said...

My weekend was spent shopping trying to find a couple more things for my mom...I already bought her something but I usually like to buy a few. No luck! Oh well. I did end up buying a couple more things for my sister...she's so easy I always go way overboard. Well, she's my sister and I love her so I don't care:) Also spent money on myself as usual when I shop.
And then mom and I went to Costco this AM. We beat the rush at 10am. It was dead for about half an hour. By the time we left at 1130 it was crazy already. That's the reason I always like to be there in the morning. Especially the weekend before Christmas!
Looks like you've been enjoying some yummy eats the past couple days. I can't wait to see your dinner tonight.
Did you ever manage to find your sour cabbage for cheaper?

Anonymous said...

OMG. I want to be invited to your house for dinner. Also, you guys really KNOW breakfast! You guys make awesome weekend breakfasts!! BTW that party spread looked divine! Geez!

Unknown said...

Wow.. that breakfast looks so good, so fun!! Are you sharing the recipe!! :) hehe..

Anais said...

All the food looks so amazing! And I love the first pictures - it really does look like Christmas! :)

Have a good one!

Karin said...

Wow that spread and breakfast look amazing! So much wonderful food :).
Your post reminds me.. I still have to wrap my presents!

Anonymous said...

All the food at the party looks wonderful, I'd have tried sneaking a few doggie bags home :)


Jessica said...

I have no presents wrapped yet! You are way ahead of me!!!

Anonymous said...

Your nephew is so cute!! This weekend I was snowed in with the husband. It was fun!

Kacy said...

That spread is incredibly mouthwatering indeed! And your nephew is so cute!

Katie ♥ said...

Your nephew is so cute!!!!!!!!! The gingerbread house looks yummy!! We made a gingerbread train last year!!!

Looks like the xmas party was fun, lots of good eats and wine!! I love wine!!!

Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...that is quite a FEAST! Is that tofu I see, too? Was one of them Asian? lol.
This weekend, I went to church. Driving in 22 inch snow!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Dionne - Yes, I found some sour cabbage for 7 dollars :-)

Burp and Slurp - It is cream cheese, not tofu :-) Tofu would have been good too though!!

Dairy Free Betty - Yes, I will get that recipe to you soon!! Please remind me if I don't have it to you within a couple days!