Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2, 20, 200

Today is a GREAT day for 2 reasons!

(1) There are only 2 days until Christmas
As of today I am off of work for 2 weeks!

Leaving work today this is how I was feeling:

Can I get a hallelujah? :-)

This first week will be spent at home ... and then the second will be spent in the Dominican Republic.

Tomorrow I am going to sleep in ... and pretty much do nothing all day. Best. Feeling. Ever.

On to eats ...

Last night I snacked on some tortilla chips and guacamole. I also enjoyed a POM and sparkling water "martini." All drinks are better in pretty glasses.

Today's eats were rather repetitive and boring - sorry. I have tonnes of leftovers to devour.

Breakfast was leftover wifesaver (recipe tomorrow - I promise):

A banana:

And OJ:

I had a bigger breakfast than usual because I had to take Malaria pills (so I don't get Malaria in the DR) this morning. They say to take them with food, and there is a high chance that they can cause an upset stomach. I decided that the fuller my belly - the better.

Lunch was provided for us at work by our principal. I had 1/2 cup of Caesar salad, 1 slice of garlic toast and 2 small pieces of veggie pizza. I also had an orange. Sorry, no pics.

Dinner was leftovers again - ham and scalloped potatoes.

And a chocolate for dessert.

This evening the hubby and I went to the movie Avatar. It was REALLY cool!! We shared a popcorn.

This post is my 200th post!!!
I wanted to share 20 ways that I have changed during the time since I started this blog:

1) I used to HATE oatmeal before I started this blog. Then I discovered toppings :-)

2) I hated breakfast in general before starting the blog, and now breakfast is a meal that I look forward to. I don't know why this changed.

3) I think about food and recipes LESS now that I have started the blog. I don't get it either. It may be because I have been too busy this semester to think about anything other than school and work - but that will all change now!

4) I tried my first green monster, and LOVED it.

5) I have developed an intense desire to run that I never had before.

6) I feel more and more comfortable taking photos of my meals in restaurants.

7) I find it odd that I try to prolong my breakfast as long as possible so that I can get some natural light for the photo. Summer is way better for food photography.

8) I have learned a lot more about how to use our DSLR camera.

9) My pants are all too big - must be the green monsters!

10) I have realized that that slice of cake in the staffroom is not worth going to get my camera for. Besides, I hate cake.

11) I have realized that most people have never heard of a food blog, and are really intrigued and confused by the idea.

12) I have found that blogging relaxes me, and helps my unwind at the end of my day.

13) I have discovered that people in the blogosphere are some of the nicest people around. Your support and encouragement are heartwarming.

14) I have felt more energized (again - must be the Green Monsters).

15) I have gotten sick less, and the 2 colds that I got were the most MINOR colds I have ever had. I got over them quickly and painlessly.

16) I am willing to try dishes I would never have thought to try before - next up - savoury oats!!

17) I have discovered how difficult it can be to blog everyday, when sometimes I feel like I've got nothing.

18) I have discovered that people actually read my blog - never thought that would happen when I started this :-)

19) I had "stomach issues" for about 6 years. For at least 3 of those years I suffered daily with what felt like nervous stomach - I won't get into all the details here ... but it wasn't fun. I thought it could be lactose intolerance, or IBS. The doctor told me it was neither. He gave me some pills to relax the muscles in my stomach area - they kind-of worked. My doctor is not the kind of guy that wants his patients on prescription meds. so instead he told me to take psyllium husks. I started taking the capsules daily, and the problem went away completely. BUT, if I stopped taking them for over a day, the problem would return. This went on for 3 years ... until I started my blog!!! I know it is weird, but about 1 1/2 months ago I realized I had forgotten to take the psyllium pills for about 2 weeks - and I was fine!! I haven't taken them since! I don't know if it is something in my diet that has changed that has caused this problem to be cured after 6 years ... or what exactly it is - but I will take it!!

20) Even after all this time, I am still nervous to tell new people about my blog. They think I am weird. What do they know? :-) I was weird before the blog.

Do you blog? How long have you been blogging? How have you changed since you started blogging?


Quinn said...

Happy 200th Post! It sounds like having a blog has certainly changed your life! I've had mine for a little over a year and a half and have loved the sense of community that has come with it. I've made some of my best friends due to the blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your "jumping for joy" pictures. I'm also enjoying your counting down to Christmas at the beginning of your posts. I love blogging for all the reasons you mentioned and I too don't really like telling people about my blog because they don't understand, but like you said it is relaxing and almost therapeutic to write about your day and food and have wonderful people read about it.


Anonymous said...

OMG. I can related to almost 80% of what you wrote! BTW my friend had ibs problems too until he changed his diet. I think it has to be the unhealthy fats or even some gluten problems that did it. Have a wonderful holiday cute girl! Take tons of pics and remember I am one of your most loyal readers. :)

Janna (Just Flourishing) said...

Happy 200th post! That's awesome. I'm almost at my 100th! :)

Congrats on being off work. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you have gotten more comfortable with taking photos in restaurants; I fear that I never will. And I can't see myself ever being comfortable with telling people about my blog, either. Only my parents know, and they don't think it's weird because they actually know what a blog is. Most of my friends don't.

Anonymous said...

I'm sometime nervous to tell people, too, but I don't know why! I've been blogging since mid-June and I love it! I'm nearly to 200 posts, too! 197, to be exact!

Glad you "saw the light" and now love breakfast and oatmeal...some of my favorite things!

ENJOY your time off! I'm off for nearly 2 weeks, too, but no DR for me :(

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

I feel really nervous when people find out about my blog too or I find out people are reading it - like when I found out Eric's boss and his wife (my second cousins) were reading it. But then I think it's pretty cool that people are interested enough in me and my life to read it!

I have learned SO MUCH through blogging and have had such an amazing experience with it. I can't imagine my life without it!

Unknown said...

Happy 200th post!! yay you!!
I feel uncomfty telling people about my blog, as I have had some VERY strange reactions!

I agree about people in the blog world being fantastic!! They really are (you really are!)
It's like a whole new world!! :)

Merry Christmas girl... and I love the jumping for joy pictures (and the sweater) ehehhee... have a great 2 weeks off!

Kacy said...

Savory oats are delicious! I think you'll love them!!

That's awesome that your stomach problems have cleared up :)

I'm really nervous to tell people about my blog too!

Simply Life said...

ha!I I love the pictures - you look pretty happy :) congrats on being done until 2010! enjoy the holidays!

Yelena said...

Happy 200th post! I also love the pictures of you jumping! I feel like that too since I'll be off until the 4th! Yipppeeee!

I loved reading your list. It made me want a green monster!

Only my close family members know about my blog and I get a lot of support from them on it! I'm so glad that I found a great community and I love how kind everyone is!

Anonymous said...

Happy 200th! I JUST told my family about my blog. The funny thing is, I think I was more nervous about them getting a glimpse at my every day life than my weirdo eating habits...

Devan said...

i love love love your pictures!
andmajor congrats on your 200th post! <3