Thursday, June 1, 2017

Eats and Things

Breakfasts lately have featured a couple tasty things, such as our beet-horseradish cream cheese, and homemade bagels:

And the little nut butter packets that I picked up in NYC:

Nut butter is a necessity in both oatmeal, and Greek yogurt bowls.

We've also been digging into our first cherries this season.

We roasted a chicken last week and enjoyed that in various forms for a few days of lunch/dinner.

On Friday evening we drove to Saskatoon, and had dinner at our hotel when we arrived.

After breakfast the next morning we went to visit my mom, and spent the day with her.

We had a quick dinner at Lebanese Kitchen, and then snuggled into our hotel room for the evening.

After having the exact same delicious breakfast again on Sunday morning, we were back with my mom for the rest of the day.  We had an easy dinner of perogies and sausage once back home.

On Monday evening we made spaghetti and meatballs.

It was my dad's 76th birthday on Tuesday, so we took him out to Swiss Chalet, where he loves the chicken/rib combo.  I had the quarter-chicken dinner, which is what I always order.

Notice all the butter packets across the table at my dad's spot ... I come by it naturally ;-)

On Wednesday we had pork chops, with brown rice, salad, and a mushroom gravy.

This evening we met up with friends for a fun time at Mosaic: A Festival of Cultures, which we're also hitting up tomorrow and Saturday.  We plan on doing a lot of eating this weekend ...

What have you been cooking lately?
What are you up to this weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

All of this food looks delicious! Happy birthday to your dad! How nice that you live close and can celebrate with him!

We got back from Maui on Wednesday so I have been trying to get back into the habit of cooking again. We split a meat share from a local farmer with a friend but some of it has been piling up in our freezer as we've been so busy over the last several months. So right now I'm focusing on working our way through some of that. So I used some ground beef to make 2 batches of vegetable ragu, which I froze, for 2 friends who had/will have a baby soon. I also used some frozen zucchini from last summer to make zucchini bread for the neighbors that watched our house/watched for packages. And then I make pork cutlets which I marinated in a soy sauce/ginger marinade! I also started to use the Instant pot that we got at our wedding shower. It's been fun to use as it cooks things super fast without heating up the house (it's been around 30C here this weekend so turning on the over or stove is not desirable). I used the instant pot to make spaghetti squash (took 15 minutes), glazed carrots (took 10 minutes), and corn on the cob (took 10 minutes). It feels good to get back into meal planning again!!

Amber said...

I haven't been cooking at all lately! I need to get back to regular meal planning I think because every night I stare in the cupboard and fridge not knowing what to make and I know the solution to that is to MEAL PLAN! Ha ha. Your food always looks sooooo amazing!