Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tapas Long Weekend

You might think we ate nothing but beets this past weekend, but aside from breakfast, we actually planned a whole tapas weekend!

We had a lot of fun experimenting with new recipes, and cooking little snacks.  We had a three day weekend, so there was plenty of time to cook and eat, while still doing a lot of relaxing.

On Saturday afternoon we sat outside and enjoyed the spread above.  That evening we went to see Bill Burr's stand-up comedy show, which we thought was just okay.

Sunday's snacks included garlic, parsley mushrooms:

Andalusian almond meatballs (which were excellent):

And radish butter with bread:

We loosely followed the recipes in the links.

On Monday our tapas included grilled eggplant pouches, filled with tomato, basil, and mozzarella:

Crispy, smoky potatoes:

And rosemary beef skewers with a garlic, herb yogurt dip:

A bit of sourdough bread with oil and vinegar too!

Overall, it was a very tasty, and relaxing long weekend.  We were also productive, and got all of our flowers and herbs/veggies planted.


Christopher fixed the lawnmower, which wouldn't start ...

Annnnnd, I made a Saskatoon berry crumble for our desserts.

Was this past weekend a long weekend for you?  
How did you spend it?

I know my blogger friend Lisa got married - Congratulations Lisa and Phil!

It's almost the weekend again.  Any big plans?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for the shout-out!! Our wedding was absolutely amazing! I can't wait to re-live the evening when we get our photos back!!

Your long weekend sounds delightful. We love tapas so all those meals are right up our alley! We were in Maui over our long weekend but kind of forgot it was Memorial Day since we'd been on vacation for a week by that point! We went on a snorkeling excursion on Saturday, did a hike at Haleakala National Park (the dormant volcano on the island) and then we relaxed on Monday and snorkeled in front of our condo!