Sunday, April 23, 2017

Uptown Girl

On one of our first couple days in NYC we picked up supplies from Whole Foods to have in our room (snacks, water, etc.).  We also stopped at Leo's to grab bagels and cream cheese. 

On Easter Sunday we bought coffees from the lower level of the hotel, and then enjoyed bagels in the room before heading to the Easter parade.  I've been to this parade numerous times before, and it's always so fun to see everyone's get-up and to snap pictures of each other.  We got stopped by strangers to have our photo taken, and we took photos of strangers ... and that is all the parade is, haha!

It was boiling hot out, so the dude in the skirt would have been very comfortable (well, other than those heels).

This little one stole the show:

And the one with the little ducklings didn't do too bad either.

She was letting people hold them - eeeeee!  I was pretty excited.  I hadn't held a duckling since I was a kid. 

We had pizza for lunch:

And then we took a bike-cab to the Gershwin Theatre to see a show.

The bike-cab ride was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.  I was afraid for the entire nine minute ride, as the rider darted in between traffic, squeezing through places where he barely fit, while we had no seat belts in this little cart behind him.  Yikes!  I thought we were going to rear-end another car, or get rear-ended basically the entire time, and we almost took off side mirrors of cars as we quickly squeezed by them, with an eighth of a millimeter of clearance.  The $45 charge at the end of the ride didn't make it much better!  Next time we want a taxi in NYC, we'll stick to hailing one of the yellow ones (which are cheap, and don't leave you terrified for your life, unless you have the one we did on the way to the airport, but that's another story).

Anyway, we went to see Wicked on Broadway, and had amazing seats up near the stage, and right in the middle.  I had seen this show a couple times before, but this was Christopher's first time, and he loved it too (much more than Book of Mormon that we saw last time).  I think I love Wicked even more now after seeing it yet again; Christopher said that every second time we're in the city we should go to it, and I agree.

After the show we had some turmeric shots in the hotel:

We wanted to make dinner in our room one night to take advantage of our full kitchen, so on Easter evening that's what we did.

Snacks to start:

And then we threw together tortellini with a rose sauce, and some shaved parmesan (we had to use a vegetable grater for the parm):

After dinner we headed out on the town to the Comedy Cellar, which is the best place to go to see professional stand-up comics.  Pete Davidson was one of the surprise guests, there was someone from 30 Rock, and a couple others from Comedy Central.  Hasan Minhaj, the comic who is hosting the White House Correspondence Dinner, came out and did a trial run of his speech with us; it was hilarious.  We actually got to see him run through it again when we went back for more comedy on Thursday.  He had taken out a few jokes that didn't get as many laughs, and added a couple others.  We're looking forward to seeing the finished product on TV on Saturday.

After comedy we went out to see live music, and then finally made it back to our room.  Overall, we had a wonderful Easter.

On Monday we hit up Salvation Burger, for the most perfect looking hamburgers of all time.

The buns are made in-house, the burgers are not cheap (mine was $17, and Christopher's was $25), and they don't come with any sides, but mmmm mmmm, they were good.

Ugggh, so flawless.

After lunch we went on a handsome cab ride around Central Park.

It was the most beautiful, sunny, windless day, and the park was hoppin'.  We sat back and relaxed for a nice 45 minute ride around the park, people watched, and soaked it all up.


Throughout the day we wandered all over the Upper East Side (I swooned over all the things we can't afford on Madison Avenue), and the Upper West Side.  We snacked along the way, and eventually made it back downtown, and had dinner at some Mediterranean restaurant in East Village.

After dinner we headed back to our room, and were happy we still had five sleeps in NYC!

Have you ever been on a bike-cab?  Horse and carriage ride?


Dione said...

I just love your vacation recaps and especially seeing all the delicious food you eat when you travel. You guys are just adorable!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love reading about your trip! The food pics are drool-worthy. And the meal you made in your room sounds amazing, too! I have not been in a bike-cab - it sounds terrifying! And I haven't been in a horse & carriage ride either. We almost went on one in Charleston, SC but ended up doing something different.