Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Now this is Dining! Square Root, NOLA

The first thing that caught my eye was the name, Square Root; once I started reading about the restaurant, I was so intrigued. 

On Saturday we had the most unique dining experience we've ever had.  Square Root only has 16 seats, each giving the diner an up-front look at the food preparation and creation.  The seats are in a U-shape around the chefs.  Besides us, there was only one other couple there on Saturday night, so we had two chefs cooking exclusively for the four of us.

This restaurant is reservation only, and not for the inexperienced or unadventurous diner.  Also, it's pricey.  There are 12-15 courses, and they are perfectly spaced.  The service at this restaurant is impeccable, and different (in a refreshing way) than anywhere we've ever dined.

First up was a Louisiana blue crab soup with dashi, dulse, and lemon:

The second course was probably one of the best things I've ever eaten, a cauliflower-centered dish with white sturgeon roe and brown butter.  The cauliflower ice cream knocked my socks off.

Third was a muffaletta sandwich with a meringue bun:

After three home-run dishes, we were pretty stoked for the fourth course, especially when we saw the chef start up the cotton candy machine:

We then proceeded to eat the most creative dish we've ever had, fried chicken cotton candy, with a fried chicken crisp and a mousse-like concoction, with fermented mustard seeds, and other amazing things I cannot remember.

It was like eating a mini fried chicken taco, full of the most concentrated fried chicken flavour (all the good stuff you get in the crispy skin).  I would have happily eaten 10 of these.  Savoury cotton candy is boss.

Course five was Chinook salmon with smoked roe, cream cheese, etc.:

The fish was like butter - mmmmm!

Number six was blonde morel mushrooms with sweetbreads, rabbit sausage and green garlic:

Course seven was torchon of foie gras, with rhubarb, kumquat, and freeze-dried yogurt:

The eighth course seemed to be a palate cleanser; it was a frozen chai tea dish:

Ninth up was wahoo fish with heirloom peppers, garden tomatoes, eggplant and pepitas:

The tenth course was rohan duck with turnip, black garlic, and gravy:

Just when we thought the duck flavour couldn't be better, they brought out the 11th course, a duck-confit sticky bun, with crispy duck skin on top:

The 12th course was the first dessert course.  It was a dish that featured strawberries, pistachios, and yuzu:

The next dessert, lucky number 13, was a milk chocolate and hazelnut supreme with apricot, caramelized onion, and hickory vinegar:

And finally, as if we needed another course, we were served an assortment of baked desserts:

They don't like the diners to leave hungry, so on our way out we were given fresh baked mini coffee cake muffins to-go. 

If you're ever looking for a unique, fine-dining, non-stuffy, progressive, creative dining experience when you're in New Orleans, you've got to try Square Root.

Have you ever had a savoury version of a food that's traditionally sweet, or vise versa?

I have to say, the cauliflower ice cream and fried chicken cotton candy are my favourite two tastes from this meal.


Unknown said...

That is the craziest, coolest meal I've ever heard of.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that all looks amazing!! What a cool experience to get to watch them make the food as well. Everything you ate sounded so great!

I can't think of any foods I've eaten that were prepared in a savory way instead of sweet!

Linda said...

Great post. Thanks so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal. :)