Monday, March 11, 2013

The Missing Ingredient - Subscription Food Box

Subscription boxes are becoming pretty popular (you pay a monthly fee and goodies arrive in your mailbox). There are many subscription boxes in Canada for beauty products: Glymm, TopBox, Glossy Box, and Loose Button.  I recently came across a food subscription box at The Missing Ingredient.  This box can be subscribed to monthly, but it is quite pricey ($62.69 with tax), so I just purchased a single box.

It arrived the other day and I was pretty impressed with the surprises ... 

Souvlaki Seasoning
Pomegranate Molasses.
Yellow Pepper Jelly
Fig and Olive Biscotini
Fancy Chocolate with Orange
Citrus Mints
Garlic Sea Salt (we threw some of this in with our lobster butter on Saturday)
Saskatoon Berry Honey
I don't know if I'd pay the price for a box like this again, but I thought I'd try it out the one time for fun.

Do you subscribe to any monthly beauty or food boxes?  
Have you heard of such a thing before now?


Kacy said...

I subscribe to Birchbox, but I've never subscribed to a food box. That looks cool though!

Ameena said...

I read an article about Birchbox and I'm guessing this is along the same lines? Not something I've contemplated before but why not?

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to Loose Button. I don't always love everything that comes in the box, but it's fun and I have tried out a few things that I really enjoy.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool! I've heard of beauty boxes but didn't know they made a food box. That's pretty cool!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Very fun! You got some good treats! I have never tried a box subscription service. The food one intrigues me, but the beauty supply type of boxes would be a waste on me as I am not really a beauty products person.

Erin said...

Very nice! Have you heard of They also have a monthly food box subscription. Each month it's curated by a top Canadian chef, featuring their favourite foods and recipes!