Monday, July 15, 2019


Two weeks of my summer holidays are done, and they have been wonderful so far!  I've been getting up early, and have been taking my time with making breakfast.  Some mornings I have had baked eggs loaded with veggies and cheese, and sometimes farmers sausage too.

And I always have fruit and coffee on the side.

Other mornings I have had toasted homemade bread, with an egg.

One morning I had leftover rice and kimchi coleslaw for breakfast.  I love non-traditional breakfasts, and sometimes prefer lunch/dinner leftovers for breakfast over typical breakfast foods.

After breakfast I always leave for a walk around the lake, and sometimes I do a couple laps.

At lunch time I make something for Christopher and I to enjoy on his breakLast week we had pizza, leftovers, and grilled cheese:

In the afternoons I've been doing all sorts of things, like visiting family, baking bread, making dessert, grocery shopping, cleaning, reading in the yard, visiting the bookstores and library, running errands, etc.

When Christopher gets home from work we usually sit outside for a while before starting supper.  Our flowers are loving all the rain and heat we've been getting!

Most days we eat outside.  Recently we had a veggie dinner with bread, which we grilled for a bit.

And last night we made mustard maple salmon, potato, and sweet peppers with halloumi:

Last week we met up with family in the park near our house to celebrate our nephew's 2nd birthday.  It was so much fun!

There is still so much summer left, and I have a stack of books that are calling my name, recipes that want to be made, babies to snuggle, and paths to explore. 

How was your weekend?  Do you have time off this summer?  How have you been making the most of the summer days?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That Elmo cake is amazing!! A park birthday sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! We'd have to celebrate Paul's half birthday to be able to do that since it's never park weather on March 1st. Ha.

I am glad you are having a great summer break and are enjoying some slow summer days. You teachers really earn your summers off!

We took a few days off in June to go to the lake, I took a couple off in July and we are taking 4 days off in August to go to the lake for 5 days. That's it for summer days off, aside from the me day I took recently. I love how long summer days are. I wish we had this much daylight for a longer park of the year! I don't make the most of the long hours like I did in the past as I am usually in bed reading around 8-8:30. But I do love that I leave and come home from work in daylight!

Anne said...

This sounds like a wonderful summer break for you! I'm a new reader but your descriptions of your food always make my mouth water. :) Do you ever link to recipes that you use, or would you if I asked? (The kimchi coleslaw especially ... had it on vacation [made by someone else] and loved it!)

Thanks for sharing, and I'm definitely going to keep reading!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Hi Anne! Thank you for reading! I definitely share recipes my husband and/or I create, once we've perfected them, and will often link to recipes we use. Sometimes we just wing it in a hurry and don't keep track, which is I'm afraid what we did with that coleslaw. I'll try to make it again this summer and keep track of what we do. My husband thinks we used kimchi, cabbage, carrot, green onion, a bit of kimchi juice and white vinegar ... he doesn't remember for sure, but says it was something like that. Maybe a touch of sesame oil.

Anne said...

Thank you, Jolene! I bought kimchi last week thinking I'd do this, but... it tasted off. (I am giving up on that grocery store - this was the last in a long line of iffy products...sigh) I'll try again this week!