Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Canada Day

It has become a bit of a family tradition on Christopher's side to get together on Canada Day.  On Monday afternoon we went to Christopher's parent's house to spend time in the back yard.

We made some cake pops to bring along, and also picked up a fruit tray.

Others brought spinach dip, and veggies, and my mother and father-in-law supplied the KFC,  beverages, and a cake.  It had been a long time since we had KFC (probably a year or two), and we realllllllly enjoyed it.  We had to stop ourselves from eating way too much chicken.

The kids played on this amazing blow up water slide, that I totally wanted to go on.  I am a kid at heart, and this thing just looked SO fun!  You hook up a hose to it, and you can spray people out of this water gun thing, and the water runs down the slide to make you go really fast.  I also like the climbing wall to get onto the slide.

And there is a basketball hoop!!  I need to find an adult version.

Our nieces Charlotte and Elizabeth played so well together, and were adorable as usual.

We had a really nice time, and fortunately the rain held off for most of the day.  In the evening the torrential downpour started.  We had planned to walk to the park for some of the Canada Day festivities, but the rain put a damper on that (pun intended).  The rain died down in time for the fireworks, but we just listened to them from inside the house.

If you're Canadian, how did you celebrate Canada Day?  
If you're from the United States, what are your plans for the 4th?  
If you're from neither, do you have any holidays coming up?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That slide looks super fun! We saw something similar on our walk last night. It also had a palm tree that sprayed water out of the top. So fun! We don't have a pool for Paul yet but I ordered a water table as I've heard that toddlers love them!

Paul and i were at my parents at the lake on the 4th. We had a low key day at home and then went over to my aunt and uncles in the evening. Paul and I only stayed for an hour since he goes to bed so early. But it was good to see some family. We did not watch any fireworks, though! I could hear them going off but i went to bed at 9:30 as I could tell I was getting a cold so wanted some extra sleep!